Author: Aghazair Abdıyev

How to delete the Windows.old folder

How to delete the Windows.old folder When you install the new Windows 10/7 / 8.1 system not through the BIOS, the system is installed uncleanly, that is, it archives the old system into the Windows.old folder. Or when big updates come in Windows 10, then the old version of the system falls into this folder as a copy. Why is this needed? This is necessary so that later you can restore the previous version of Windows from the windows.old folder if the new one works with errors. This is a kind of backup of your old system. Can I...

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How to check support for Modern Standby mode in Windows 10

How to check support for Modern Standby mode in Windows 10 Windows 10 has various types of sleep mode, one of which is Modern Standby. It is not available for all laptops and desktop computers that may work in the system. It is limited to certain equipment. There is not even a list on the official Microsoft website on which type of equipment it is available, however a simple command will tell you whether you can enable it on your system or not. When you have normal S (3) standby mode, your processor turns off, data is flushed to...

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System Idle Process High CPU Usage

System Idle Process High CPU Usage Surely many opened the task manager and wondered why the “System Idle Process” process loads the processor by 96%. You ask, and where are these two? Despite the fact that this is the same thing. . System Idle Process – A system idle process that shows the percentage of time your processor has been idle. If you see that it is heavily loading the processor (usually 98% and 99%), do not panic, it should be so. No need to try to complete this process, as the Windows system may freeze tightly. The fact...

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Fix MSVCR120.dll_clr0400.dll Error

The Msvcr120.dll_clr0400.dll file is responsible for unpacking the necessary files during application installation. It is also used to run some programs and games that are written in C ++. Most users began to get the error that the entry point to nextafterf procedures could not be located in the dynamic link library MSVCR120.dll_clr0400.dll when launching various programs and games. I got this error when starting Discord, and the solution helped me. In most cases, an error occurs when the Msvcr120.dll file clr0400.dll is missing in the System32 folder. The System32 folder contains all the necessary files for the smooth...

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FOUND.000: What is this folder and can it be deleted?

FOUND.000: What is this folder and can it be deleted? When you open the system drive where the Windows system is located, you can find the hidden folder Found.000 inside the root directory. You become interested in the reason for the existence of this folder, and whether it is safe to completely delete the Found.000 folder or its contents of the CHK files. The folder is associated with the Chkdsk Windows feature, which scans your disk for errors and corrupted files. Instead of deleting these damaged files, the “Chkdsk” function saves these files with the extension .CHK to the...

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