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What is binkw32.dll?

binkw32.dll: Free download for windows 10 and Windows 7 When opening a game or application that uses the Bink engine as an encoder, users may receive an error that the binkw32.dll file is missing. Usually this error occurs when users try to play an old game on a new PC, and this engine is already old. Remember that this error is not related to the Windows 10/7 / 8.1 system itself. The problem is solely with the game or application that you are trying to run, and has nothing to do with your version of Windows. The error is...

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How to fix Windows Error 0x000000C2

How to fix Windows Error 0x000000C2 Most users who use Windows 7, Windows 10, and Windows 8.1 get a blue screen with error code 0x000000c2. After looking through the problems on the forum, Microsoft decided to collect what exactly caused this error. The error in most cases can be caused by damage to system files, poor memory, Advanced System Care program, AMD Quick Stream technology, and Anti-Virus conflict. We will analyze in more detail. Removing software that may cause error 0x000000C2 1. Most often, error 0x000000C2 appears on a blue screen when using two antiviruses. This is especially noticeable...

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How to fix Secure Boot Violation

How to fix Secure Boot Violation When you boot your PC or laptop, you may receive a warning message saying “Secure Boot Violation Invalid Signature Detected. Check Secure Boot Policy in Setup”. In this situation, you can continue to boot the Windows system, but at the next boot, this warning will appear again. This problem occurs when you install the boot program without an OEM signature, which starts at boot time. It can be an unsigned driver, a left-loaded DLL file, a pirated version of the program is installed. In many cases, this happens when the Secure Boot function...

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PowerShell  Running scrips disabled on this system

PowerShell – Running scripsts is disabled on this system Windows 10 has a powerful tool for managing and performing various tasks – this is PowerShell. This console is intended for administrators because it allows them to control the entire operating system using scripts. PowerShell is used by many background applications to make changes to the system and this compromises the security of our PC. Script (script) – a simple program written in code that runs linearly on our computer. We can create and execute our own scripts to automate tasks, or applications can execute them to perform certain configurations...

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 What is Perflogs folder in Windows 10

 What is Perflogs folder in Windows 10 PerfLogs (Performance Logs) is a folder created by Windows 10 and 7 that stores a system error log file and other performance reports. The folder is located on the path where the Windows system itself is installed, usually it is “C: \”. The reports in the PerfLogs folder are eventually submitted to Microsoft for analysis in order to improve their future updates. Can I delete the PerfLogs folder? If you delete the PerfLogs folder, you will not cause critical damage to your system, but it is not recommended to delete it, because...

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