Author: Aghazair Abdıyev

How to close Windows program

Sometimes Windows tasks halts and we can not close with Task Manager.In this situation we will use Taskkill command. 2)For the first open CMD program and write Tasklist to show all working programs. 2)After if we want to close halt aimp program we will close it like below. Taskkill /IM aimp.exe /F /F key is for forcing this process. 3)We can close it by program ID.The ID of AIMP is 3316 Taskkill /PID 3316 /F 4)If we want to close many programs we will serially write them. Taskkill /PID 3316 7172 8032 /F...

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How to upgrade Windows 7,8 to Windows 10

How to upgrade Windows 7,8 to Windows 10 When Windows 10 released it make possible to upgrade Windows 7,8 operation systems installed machines to Windows 10 till 2017. But now you can update OS also.For the update  download soft.It will automatically check Software and Hardware for compatiblity. During upgrade process it will restart itself several times. See also : How to get back to Windows 7 after upgrading to Windows...

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