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Chrome users are in danger. Google asks everyone to update


Google has spent quite a bit of time finalizing the final version of Chrome 81, but all the errors were never found or fixed. A few days after Chrome 81 began to be distributed, the search giant confirmed that a critical “zero-day” vulnerability was found in the browser code.

Google has already started distributing an update with version number 81.0.4044.113 that fixes this vulnerability. However, Google strongly recommends that all users install the update to avoid potential problems with their own data leaks. Details about this critical vulnerability are not reported, but the update description says it’s about voice recognition.

The Chrome 81 browser, originally scheduled to be released on March 17, was delayed due to the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic. The new version has two main points: improved support for WebXR (augmented reality technology) and initial support for the Web NFC standard.

You can download new Google chrome browser from here.

Other important innovations have also been planned, but have been postponed until the next version of the browser.


Source : Phonemantra