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Estimated 10th Gen Core Intel Core Processors


We already know that the 10th generation Intel Core desktop processors will not be much more expensive than the current Coffee Lake-S Refresh solutions. These CPUs, as well as LGA1200 motherboards based on Intel 400 series chipsets, will go on sale in the coming months, however, the feasibility of an upgrade can be estimated now. Perhaps the main characteristic of the new processors is “leaked” to the network – the estimated cost.

Please note that the cost is excluding tax fees, so in the Ukrainian retail new CPUs will be slightly more expensive.


The above processors will be Intel’s answer to the 7-nm AMD Ryzen 3000 line of stones. The latter debuted last summer and is currently offered by foreign stores at a significant discount (for example, the 12-core Ryzen 9 3900X is available for $ 400), so competition in this segment promises to be very intense.