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Nvidia DGX A100 – first system based on Ampere accelerators


With each passing day Nvidia becomes more and more difficult to keep secret the preparation of the announcement of the next generation of graphics accelerators. In less than two weeks, the green chipmaker will introduce a number of new products. These include Tesla A100 accelerators based on the 7nm GA100 core with Ampere architecture.

Nvidia Tesla A100 accelerators will form the basis of the DGX A100 computing system. It will replace the DGX-2 supercomputer based on sixteen Tesla V100, announced more than two years ago, and is designed for artificial intelligence tasks. Unfortunately, the technical characteristics of the novelties are still unknown. We can expect that the DGX A100 will receive at least eight Tesla A100 accelerators.

It should be recalled that the next generation of Nvidia Tesla accelerators were previously seen in the Geekbench test package base. According to the benchmark readings, they have at their disposal up to 7552 cores of CUDA and up to 48 GB of memory. The release of new products will not take long – by the end of summer the new Tesla will be part of the Big Red 200 supercomputer. We’ll learn more details about them on May 14th, when YouTube channel Nvidia will publish a speech of the general director Jensen Huang.