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Sergey Tokarev on the launch of an educational platform for IT specialists in the field of machine learning

Sergey Tokarev revealed that technology company Roosh plans to launch AI HOUSE CLUB. It will be an online platform for Ukrainian IT professionals with a key focus on the field of artificial intelligence.

AI HOUSE CLUB is an innovative course on introducing machine learning methods into product development. As part of the training, students will have the opportunity to gain hands-on experience with machine learning algorithms. The course will provide them with all the necessary information on how to effectively manage the life cycle of ML solutions and how to complete tasks at any stage of the project. They will learn how to create ideas, create prototypes, train models, implement solutions and monitor their work.

According to Sergey Tokarev, the course will allow students to develop their skills and learn how to use ML algorithms in real projects. The course will help them master the new technologies required to work with data and provide them with the necessary knowledge to develop a career in the field of machine learning.

The project will enable students to learn how to work with data at the highest level and gain all the necessary skills for successful work in the field of machine learning. Studying the course will allow them to understand how to use machine learning to create effective solutions and how to manage machine learning projects through all stages of their life cycle.

Roosh founder Sergey Tokarev announced the scheme of the program, according to which group lessons will be held and they will include group training, mentor sessions, and discussion clubs based on the latest scientific research.

The list of experienced mentors consists of such personalities as:

  • Dmitry Voitekh (Lead Machine Learning Engineer at Proxet/GIPHY);
  • Roman Kisly (Ph.D. in Computer Science and former Head of Data at Deloitte);
  • Vladimir Sidorsky (deep learning engineer at Respeecher);
  • Viktor Didkovsky (senior machine learning engineer at

Sergey Tokarev announced the goal of the Roosh project. The idea was created to develop the IT and AI sectors in Ukraine through educational systems. The creation of a new AI HOUSE CLUB platform will provide a new approach to learning.

The lessons will consist of providing information, and practical tasks created by the experts who teach. Sergey Tokarev also said that the courses will be accompanied by support in the community and in the development of the direction, and this will help specialists significantly accelerate their professional development, says Sergey Tokarev.

CEO of AI HOUSE CLUB, Bogdan Ponomar, informs that the courses are intended for professionals who seek to improve their knowledge in the field of AI. To participate, candidates must describe their previous experience with artificial intelligence and explain their motivations for joining the AI HOUSE CLUB.

Sergey Tokarev informs that during the training period, various events for ML/AI specialists will be available on the platform in exchange for donations in favor of the Armed Forces

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