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Download mss32.dll for GTA and fix the mss32.dll not found problem.

If you play games for example GTA, you must have encountered the error of the missing mss32.dll file in Windows 10/7. The error usually appears when you try to start a game or program, and it may sound differently: The mss32.dll file is missing, the Mss32.dll is not found, The mss32.dll cannot be found, The application could not be started because mss32.dll is missing.

There are many reasons for this error. For example, you downloaded a pirated game from a torrent and the repack was poorly packed, without some additional files. This dll file may also be damaged or missing from the system. Antivirus cannot be excluded either, it could add it to quarantine or just find a virus in this file and delete it. There are many reasons, and we will analyze different solutions to download the original mss32.dll file and fix the error in Windows 10/7.

Update or install DirectX

The mss32.dll library is part of DirectX and it will be logical to update or install it.

Go to the official> Microsoft website and download DirectX 2010. This will completely replace all DirectX-related files, including those that are damaged or missing.

Go >here to install DirectX for the end user through the online installer. This will replace all missing files on your computer, but will not be effective if your file is damaged.

The latest version of DirectX is only available through Windows Update, and there is no separate installer for them.

Copy the dll file mss32.dll  yourself

If you have an error in only one game or program, then the problem can be solved by simply copying the mss32.dll file to the folder with the game or program. Do not download DLL files from third-party sites, they will not help you solve the problem and may be virus-infected. Where to get the mss32.dll file? -On your computer, on a friend’s PC or on your second.

Open Explorer and select “This PC” on the left, then simply write mss32.dll in the search (located in the upper right corner).
The picture shows that I had this file on my PC. Right-click on the found mss32.dll file and select Copy. Next, just paste it immediately into the root of the game or program folder. It may be that there is a bin folder in the game folder, then you have to insert bin into this folder.

Virus and Quarantine Scan
If you have a third-party antivirus, then you should look at quarantine, suddenly the antivirus found a virus in mss32.dll and added it to its blacklist, which thereby makes the file inoperable for the system. Antivirus can also work false. There is a flip side to this situation, that you have viruses on your PC, and you need to find them. Use not an antivirus, but an antivirus scanner like Dr.Web CureIt or Zemana AntiMalware.

Starting the built-in SFC and DISM tool
Open a command prompt as administrator and enter the commands in order, waiting for the end of the process after each. These commands scan the system for damaged and missing system files and automatically fix errors.

  • sfc / scannow

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