Easy Steps to Swap BNB for FTM

You feel it’s time for some trading activity in the crypto market, and swapping BNB coins for Fantom tokens seems like a smart idea. If you are considering this conversion, our guide will help by explaining the basics and discussing price predictions about both currencies.

You’ll also find recommendations on the best BNB to FTM exchange now available. That means a reliable platform that offers decent rates and fast conversion. Here’s what you should know about converting BNB to Fantom!

What Is Known About BNB?

BNB is the coin used as the native token on the Build and Build (BNB) Chain created by Binance. The platform includes two primary components:

  • BNB Smart Chain – offers multi-chain functionality and EVM compatibility.
  • BNB Beacon Chain – staking and voting on the platform.

The Delegated Proof of Stake consensus mechanism is used on this chain. It ensures a voting system that can turn any user with a valid block into a validator, which results in optimal decentralization and security. 

BNB Price Prediction

The coin’s current price is $242.97, and that won’t change during 2023. Most forecasts predict progress up to $260, while more courageous experts put the BNB value at over $290. The growth will continue in 2024, and the value could vary from $290 to $365. In 2025, the coin could exceed $400.

Apart from learning price predictions, reading comparisons, such as the ZIL vs ONE showdown can be helpful in figuring out whether to choose a particular trade.

What Is Known About FTM?

FTM is the native token used on the Fantom blockchain, which is one of many Ethereum competitors. It’s a Layer-1 project that secures decentralization and supports smart contracts to enable the deployment of various dApps that offer games, DeFi, and enterprise services to clients. Fantom is famous for scalability, and it can handle up to 20,000 transactions per second. The platform uses the Lachesis PoS consensus mechanism.

FTM Price Forecast

The token’s current value is $0.24, and not all investors agree it could keep that level by the end of 2023. Some think it could drop to $0.19, while others put it as high as $0.52. The prognosis for 2024 is also between bullish and bearish and ranges from $0.20 to $0.59. In 2025, the coin could have a value of up to $0.846. Long-term forecasts for 2028 put the FTM value somewhere between $0.93 and $167, and some investors even warn it could suffer a drop below its current worth by then.

BNB to FTM Exchange Platforms

Our experts list the following crypto exchanges as the best choices if you plan to convert BNB coins to Fantom today!


Godex stayed true to the initial crypto concept of offering anonymity to users, which isn’t that common in today’s world of digital asset exchanges. The company has been around since 2018, and its been serving customers worldwide at fixed rates. These are important because they keep you protected from any price fluctuations until the trade is finalized.

You stay incognito while you exchange cryptocurrencies on Godex. That means you don’t have to register or provide any personal information. And it’s up to you to decide on the trade volume — you can make as many transactions as you want. The exchange supports over 300 different coins, enabling numerous trading pairs for investors.


Binance is a reputable exchange owned by the company with the same name. Unlike Godex, it is centralized, meaning the platform is the middleman when conducting trades. Although that means you can’t expect complete privacy, some appreciate that the company secures liquidity if potential issues arise. Binance offers hundreds of trading pairs, but also options to earn crypto and services like loans and staking.


KuCoin is famous for top-level encryption and security, and they use the Proof of Reserves method to guarantee the exchange has enough assets to secure liquidity. The platform requires registration, but it secures interesting bonuses for new users, including rewards for the first deposit and trade. Apart from over 700 coins supported, you can use spot trading and trade crypto futures on the platform.

Now You’re Ready to Swap BNB to FTM

It’s up to you to choose the best crypto exchange, but if you want the fastest transaction, there’s no doubt you should pick Godex. It doesn’t require registration, and you can place the trade in a matter of seconds. As for the BNB to FTM exchange — make sure that this is the right decision by combining relevant analysis and price predictions.

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