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Genki Shadowcast 2 Pro Review 2024

Human Things, known for its innovative contributions to gaming technology, continues to evolve its product lineup with exciting new additions aimed at enhancing the gaming experience for a broader audience. Notable among these is the introduction of the Shadowcast 2 Pro, a significant leap forward from its predecessors, designed to cater to the needs of serious streamers and content creators who demand high-quality capture capabilities.

Genki Shadowcast 2 Pro Review 2024

Product Evolution and Expansion

Genki Shadowcast 2 Pro

The journey of Human Things in the gaming hardware space started with the Genki wireless USB adapter for the Nintendo Switch, which later branched out into products like the Waveform wireless earbuds and the Covert Dock. Building on this foundation, the company ventured into the capture hardware segment with the original Shadowcast, laying the groundwork for what would become the newly unveiled Shadowcast 2 Pro.

Unlike its simpler predecessor, the Shadowcast 2 Pro is not just an incremental update but a substantial upgrade aimed at a more demanding user base. It promises uncompromised performance with 4K60 input and output capabilities, ensuring that gamers can play, record, and stream in the highest quality simultaneously.

Genki Shadowcast 2 Pro Design and Features

Genki Shadowcast 2 Pro Design and Features

Physically, the Shadowcast 2 Pro is a robust device, larger than competitors like the Elgato HD60 S+, and is designed with an aesthetically pleasing combination of transparent plastic and rubber. The unit features a front-facing LED display that indicates operational status, adding a practical yet stylish touch.

On the functionality front, the device boasts two HDMI ports—one for input and the other for pass-through—along with a USB-C port for power and PC connectivity, and dual 3.5mm audio sockets for audio input and auxiliary connectivity. This array of ports underscores the unit’s versatility and readiness to handle a variety of streaming and recording setups.

Genki Shadowcast 2 Pro Performance and User Experience

Genki Shadowcast 2 Pro Design and Features

In terms of performance, the Shadowcast 2 Pro does not disappoint. It supports not only 4K60 but also allows for higher frame rate captures at lower resolutions, such as 2K at 144fps and 1080p at an impressive 240fps. This flexibility makes it an attractive option for gamers who operate across a spectrum of resolutions and refresh rates.

Setting up the Shadowcast 2 Pro with popular capture software like OBS is straightforward, allowing users to start capturing high-quality, smooth footage within minutes. Although the proprietary Genki Arcade application was not available for testing, the device’s compatibility with third-party software ensures that users won’t face delays in their content creation workflows.

Portable and Versatile Setup

An additional noteworthy feature is the device’s compatibility with the Genki Studio app on iPad, enabling users to leverage their tablets as compact recording studios. This capability is particularly appealing to those who prefer a portable setup without the bulk of a desktop PC, offering flexibility to content creators who are always on the move.

Availability and Pricing

Currently, the Shadowcast 2 Pro is available for preorder via its Kickstarter page at a promotional price of $119, providing a $40 discount off the projected retail price. This pricing positions the Shadowcast 2 Pro as a competitive option in the high-end capture card market, balancing cost with cutting-edge technology.


With the launch of the Shadowcast 2 Pro, Human Things reaffirms its commitment to enhancing the gaming and streaming experiences. This device is set to be a valuable tool for serious streamers and content creators, promising high fidelity and versatility in capturing and streaming content. As Human Things continues to innovate and expand its product offerings, the Shadowcast 2 Pro represents a significant step forward in meeting the evolving needs of gamers and tech enthusiasts alike.

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