Description of the Oxandrolone

Oxandrolone is better known as Anavar. In the 20th century, this synthetic steroid was used for recovery of patients after long-term treatment. But much more use of this drug found in bodybuilding, when it became known for its beneficial properties. If you want to buy oxandrolone at a fair price, choose a trusted online store and we will tell you why.

Oxandrolone was created by Searle (now Pfizer) who described the drug in 1962. The steroid first appeared on the market in the Netherlands and the United States under the name Anavar 10-mg. Within a short time, the anabolic steroid spread to European countries and was used to treat women and children. In the late 1980s, production of the drug was discontinued and it was off the market for about six years. Sales did not resume until 1995 and it was used to treat AIDS, hepatitis and stunted growth in children.

Useful properties:

  • Oxandrlonone opacifies to give muscle tissue firmness;
  • Creation of muscle definition;
  • Burning fat deposits in a short time;
  • Strength performance improvement by 40% in just one course;
  • Suitable for use by both men and women;
  • Does not taste and does not retain moisture in the body;
  • Does not inhibit testosterone production;
  • Excellent combination with other NSAIDs.

Steroid profile

  • Oxandrolone has activity for 8 to 12 hours after use.
  • The product has anabolic and androgenic properties in a ratio of 400:25 to testosterone.
  • Since there is no estrogenic activity, there are no side effects of this type when taken.
  • Oxandrolone has no progestagenic activity.
  • The speed of the aromatization process is zero.
  • Unable to convert to dihydrotestosterone.
  • Slightly inhibits endogenous male hormone production.
  • Steroid metabolites can be detected for up to 21 days.


Anavar 10-mg (common name for oxandrolone among athletes) should not be taken if your main goal is to gain muscle mass. It is suitable for those who have already achieved the necessary results in training and just want to create a good relief or maintain their physical shape. How To Take Oxandrolone? Anavar tablets are taken orally just like other steroid tablets. They should be swallowed with a small amount (200-300 ml) of water. You don’t have to put it under your tongue or chew it! For people with gastrointestinal problems, it is recommended to take Oral Oxandrolone after meals. If your stomach is OK, you can take Oxana one hour before meals.

Oxandrolone cure – dosage

A course of oxandrolone lasts no longer than eight weeks and is often supplemented with various AAS, such as testosterone, which help neutralize the negative effects of the anabolic steroid on the reproductive system. You also need to lead a healthy lifestyle and use sports nutrition, which will further accelerate the formation of muscle definition.

Dry off with oxandrolone

An excellent combination is testosterone propionate + anavar. Thanks to such a combination, it is possible to dry out well and gain a few kilograms of quality mass. Do not think that while Anavar can be used by female athletes, it cannot be effective for men. Due to the presence of testosterone ester cycle, you are assured of good results on a dry cure.

Propionate is used according to the classical scheme – 0.1 gram every other day.
Anavar should be taken in the amount of six tablets per day throughout the cycle.
A cycle lasts six weeks.

To avoid estrogenic effects, introduce anastrozole (1 tablet every three or four days) into the course in the third week. The duration of the recovery therapy (use of clomid) is two weeks.

SCT after oxandrolone

After a course of oxandrolone – do I have to make PKT! If you are not planning another cycle or “steroid bridge” – then you need to get your hormones to the “pre-cycle” state. Also, you should keep in mind that there can be a huge number of oxandrolone courses and the pre-exercise cycle will be different for each of them. In other words, there is no one rule.

If we speak of an average, then for preoperative treatment after a course of oxandrolone it is sufficient to take clomid in the following dosage: 2 days of 100 mg, 10 days of 50 mg and 10 days of 25 mg. It is also necessary to add vitamin groups to your diet: A, B, C, E, Zinc. Try not to move as much as on the course. That is, you need to reduce the intensity of the workout and at the same time try to keep the weights working.

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