How Custom Web Applications Help to Grow Your Business

Most businesses invest time and effort in establishing an online presence. A robust online presence places your business in an excellent position to reach a vast audience base, generating more revenues. One perfect way of establishing an online presence is by investing in a custom web application.

A custom web application puts almost everything your company does under a single umbrella. This saves time, energy, and space. And you will be pleased to learn that a custom web application does more than that. This article will explore your business’s benefits from investing in a custom web application.

Reasons Why You Need a Custom Web Application on Your App

Here are some of the business growth benefits you get by using a custom web application

  1. Custom Web Applications Eliminate Tedious and Monotonous Tasks

Every business always has that one task that needs to be done repeatedly. Such tasks could be a snag to business processes. One perfect way of eliminating such monotony is through automation. A custom web application can help with automating tasks.

There is a general consensus among businesses that automation is crucial in determining business success. According to the Camunda State of Process Automation report, 97% of business leaders agree that automation is a critical path to digital transformation.

Custom web applications can play many tasks from automation perspectives.

For instance, such applications can help with data entry purposes, whereby, with the right coding, data is only entered once and automatically reaches every point it intends to get. And it does not stop there. With the right custom web applications, all your team’s business tasks over and over again are confined under a single umbrella. And this frees up tedious tasks and allows you to shift your attention to more pertinent business issues.

  • Custom Web Applications Enhances Your Security

In a world where cyber-attacks are surging day and night, using an application that protects you and your customers from attacks is crucial. Custom web application developers invest heavily in app security. They know what is required to make a web application as secure as possible.

The logic here is that attackers are well-acquainted with the infrastructure of the most well-known software. Therefore, they will lay down more accurate attack strategies targeting exploiting weaknesses such applications showcase. In short, using such applications only makes the job easy for attackers.

You should consider using a custom web application to hide your app infrastructure from the attacker’s sight. Even when such applications have weaknesses and vulnerabilities, it might take a seasoned attacker some good time to figure it out. 

Additionally, custom web application developers know what is required to make an application safe and secure. Therefore, they will integrate security measures such as reliable backup systems, install code signing certificates like the Comodo Code Signing certificate or DigiCert Code Signing certificate, and robust authentication fronts, among many others. Their motive is to make the application safe for owners and end-users. To ensure the security of your application, it’s important to buy code signing certificate from a trustworthy Certificate Authority (CA).

  • They Offer Extreme Scalability and Flexibility

Your business is bound to grow and expand over time. And it is only safe to use a business web application that grows with your business. Unfortunately, predesigned web applications are neither scalable nor flexible to adjust to changing business needs.

They are usually associated with a limited lifespan; sooner or later, you will need a new application that fits your business size and needs. And the cycle goes on and on. How expensive and tedious can that be!

The best strategy in the situation where you expect your business to grow and expand in the future is to use a custom web application. Custom web applications are designed with extreme scalability and flexibility.

They are, therefore, well-positioned to adjust to future needs and requirements. Moreover, they help you save a lot of time and resources since you only need to make some little adjustments instead of building a new application from scratch. So, which one is better, using heavy resources to create a new app from scratch or making some adjustments to your current web application?

  • Custom Web Applications Allows You to Incorporate Attractive Designs

We all know how significant an attractive web design is. We understand that impression speaks volumes and that the first impression is one of the critical determinants of whether mere visitors convert to customers. According to Adobe, 59% of people prefer browsing beautiful, well-designed web applications. 

Custom web applications give you enough freedom to customize your application into your desired design. And because of their high flexibility, it is easy to change the application design to meet user expectations and brand needs. 

  • It allows You to Integrate Game-Changing Functionality.

We have already seen how custom web applications allow for extreme flexibility. Additionally, with custom web applications, you have the freedom to choose their functionality. Of course, you need a seasoned developer to leverage this benefit. However, you are at liberty to use even off-the-shelf solutions and the latest tech solutions that allow you to engineer web applications with extreme web application functionalities that are unique to your web application. 

  • Custom Web Application for Search Engine Optimization

Every web admin’s dream is to increase visibility in search engines. You can leverage many search engine optimization strategies to increase your visibility in search engines. Although a custom web application might not be a direct ranking factor, it plays a significant role in SEO.

Developing a web application from scratch allows developers to incorporate tuned-up images, enrich it with excellent keywords, and eliminate all flaws that might hinder speed, among many other factors that impact search engine optimization. Google quickly notices such factors and will rank the web pages and web app high in results pages and app stores, respectively.

  • Excellent Performance

Template-based web applications usually require many themes, plugins, and extensions to perform specific actions. As time passes, the web application becomes cluttered with so many themes and plugins, which might hinder your web applications’ loading speeds. We all know how frustrating a slow web application can be to users.

Such a scenario is almost impossible with a custom web application. Usually, the development team works hard to incorporate the application with all functionalities needed by the website to operate optimally. It means that third-party security plugins, themes, and extensions required for several functionalities, as is the case for template-based web applications, are not needed. Due to this, custom web application portrays excellent functionality. Furthermore, the development team integrates the application with all the necessary tools and resources required to bring the application to a working state.

  • Low Maintenance Costs

One of the major hurdles associated with template-based applications is that you will have to upgrade and update the software themes and plugins from time to time. Some of these themes and plugins come at a cost, which can sometimes be frustrating for the user. But the case is different for custom web applications. Anyone who uses the update is automatically updated, so you do not have to worry about whether or not your team is using the latest application. 

In Conclusion

As You notice, using a custom web application brings many benefits to the business. All these benefits work in tandem to help your business grow. If you are yet to switch from a template-based application to a custom web application, it is time to make the switch and reap the many benefits of custom web applications.

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