Useful Features In Google: What The Average User Doesn’t Know

Google service is often used to access certain information. People search for movies, music, historical data, free casinos, no download, content for school essays, and more. Google developers offer unique features to simplify the process. They are handy and minimize the time it takes to search for information.

Features Without Site Search

To display information without searching on sites, Google developers have introduced hidden functions. They are activated if you enter their name in the search box. See below for complete information.


If you don’t have a calculator, you can do the necessary calculations directly on Google. It is convenient if your smartphone is also away or it takes a long time to find the app. Enter the appropriate query into the search box; a calculator will be displayed below it. And it is suitable not only for standard calculations but also for complex engineering calculations.

What Day is Today

After entering this phrase, the exact date and day of the week will be displayed. Some may find this feature amusing. It is pretty actual. Especially in those cases when every new day is similar to the previous one due to a heavy workload. You can see more products from Google at

Exact Time

The functionality works by initially determining your location. If you use a VPN or other services of this type are active, the time of another region will be shown. You can also search for the value of a specific city. You must enter an appropriate phrase to do this. For example, “the time in New York.”

Selecting the Color

This is a relatively proper function, which is the so-called electronic palette. With its help, you will define the desired color in the RGB range. At the same time, the hue search is available in several ways. You can set it up yourself and then copy the corresponding number. You can insert a numerical designation into the editor and then look up the color.

Unit Converter

Type in the desired units of measure (e.g., 1 meter to the inch) in the search, and an exact table with the answer appears below the line. If necessary, you can change the parameter in it. There are built-in units for your convenience:

  • temperature;
  • time;
  • mass;
  • pressure;
  • energy;
  • speed;
  • volume;
  • area.

Google provides robust data protection when searching for any information. Learn more about this at    

Currency Converter

After entering the appropriate query, you can convert the required currency at the actual exchange rate. For example, enter “20 dollars into euros” and automatically get the values. For convenience, you are offered to change the currency or enter a new amount directly in the table that appears.


The query is quite popular on the Internet, but only some use the built-in function. The table below the search bar is a convenient option; you don’t need to go to a separate site when you select it. You can type the text to be translated. Another option is to copy and paste from the source.


This function is helpful for those who often encounter unfamiliar words in their profession or for other reasons. Now there is no time to get lost in a stupor. To find out the meaning of a word, you need to enter it together with “is.” For example, if you specify “spring is,” you will get a full description.


Weather is determined by where you are located. To be sure, look up which region is displayed in the table. If your city is not listed, the problem is an incorrect IP. This feature is relevant daily, especially when planning a long walk or a trip out of town.

google translator

Google’s Gaming Capabilities

Google has long outgrown the usual browser for finding information. Developers have added gaming features that allow you to have a great time. Browser entertainment will be a perfect option for a little break. If you want more serious games, go to online casino best payout with high ratings. Here it is possible to place bets for free or for money. In addition, you are invited to activate the bonus online games. In this case, the chances of success increase because pleasant presents are used as a bonus.

As for browser-based projects, they open quickly and work smoothly if you have a stable connection to the Internet. If you want to rest from the best casino odds games, choose the most popular entertainment options presented on the table.

SKiDRacerA revolutionary project where you will take part in a large-scale race. Get in one of eight cars and go on the road, not forgetting to get rid of the competitors
AirMechA game where both strategy and action are combined. Your task is to control a plane that easily transforms into a robot. Destroy enemies in the air and on the ground, playing in single player or multiplayer mode
BastionA captivating action game with RPG intertwined, by activating which you will try on the role of a legendary hero and go to save the planet. The advantage lies in the stylish and colorful graphics, perfectly matched soundtrack
CargoBridgeBuild bridges out of the suggested materials so that they can withstand the designated loads. You need a knowledge of physics, as well as a rigorous economic calculation. The money for construction is often insufficient, so you will have to make extraordinary decisions

Thanks to Google’s special features, you can quickly solve your tasks and get up-to-date information that you need at the moment. Weather, time, complex calculations – this is just a small part, which is available to users. And when you have free time, go to the best online free casino or activate the browser games. Have fun trying on different roles, and you will be satisfied with the result.

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