Student-Friendly Apps: Apple and Android’s Best Tools for Education

It is hard to imagine an average modern student without a set of helpful mobile apps that serve a particular purpose. Regardless of your age or the academic course that you might be following, student-friendly apps will be present to a certain degree. These will assist with things like grammar checking, planning, double-checking various facts, and doing specific calculations for you. Still, it is crucial to determine your platform (Apple or Android) and set a list of objectives to evaluate the options and choose only those solutions that will help you to do things easier, not make you change your learning methods. 

Apple and Android’s Best Tools For Education

– Dragon Dictation. 

It is one of the best tools available for iOS platform users that come free of charge. To cut a long story short, it is what can help you to convert basically any content in the digital realm. It can record your thoughts and all the bright ideas that you have by transforming them all into text content. Once done, it allows you to paste it to Google Docs or Acrobat Reader, depending on your choice. You can even add your writing to an email message and save yourself time. Without a doubt, you still have to check things for accuracy, if it’s an official letter or an important message. It’s possible to approach WritingUniverse as a great solution that will handle all your writing and editing needs. Still, as you have Dragon Dictation mobile app installed, it will help you to stay safe and learn easier! 

– Oxford Dictionary. 

This unique app is available both for Android and Apple users. As a free addition to any student’s needs, it is one of those solutions that should not be ignored. For example, when you have to compose an assignment and cannot find the right set of words, the Oxford Dictionary app will help you to find synonyms and learn about the meaning of specific words or expressions. Available free of charge, it is constantly being updated with new words and suggestions. 

– SimpleMind. 

If school and college studies feel chaotic to you, using this mind maps app will help you to manage your student’s life and train your memory. It is also one of the best solutions when it comes to the generation of better thesis statements and inspiring ideas. It is available both for iOS and Android users and is available free of charge. The presence of templates and available guides will help you start with your first mind map without a steep learning curve! 

– EverNote. 

Any list of student-friendly apps would be incomplete without this famous entry. Before you say that many different and modern solutions can handle all the planning duties, it must be noted that EverNote is a free app that will work with both iOS and Android platforms. Even subtle disadvantages of Android phones won’t cause a problem here because EverNote has a small memory footprint and offers unique integration capabilities. It means that you can import and export basically to any popular format and constantly expand your free mobile planner. From handwritten notes to audio files and web clips, it has it all! 

Apple or Android?

Contrary to popular belief, there is no “better” or “worse” when it comes to choosing Apple or Android platforms. As a rule, both have advantages and limitations. The best way to approach that is to see what works for you since when you are used to Apple products, choosing related apps might be a better option based on this fact alone. Likewise, Android apps are often cross-platform, open-source, and have more reviews online, yet it does not mean that it is a better choice. Think about checking websites that post app reviews, test things yourself, and remember that when it works for you, it does not really matter what platform you might be using! 


Ruby Butz cannot imagine her life without mobile apps and exploration. As an educator with a passion for technology and innovations, she is looking for the most efficient academic solutions. Follow Ruby to travel along and discover inspiring apps for students.

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