How Technology Has Impacted Essay Writing

Over the years, the impact of advancing technology has fundamentally changed every system in the world, especially the education system. There are now different apps, resources, devices, and even websites, dedicated to helping students improve their quality of life, all of which are evolving to make academics faster and even better.

One of the most important aspects of modern academics is the essay writing process, which is meant to help every student develop critical thinking and language skills. With technology, students are promised top-tier assistance in these processes, and people are now beginning to wonder whether it is positive or negative. In this article, we discuss this topic.

Is Essay Writing Easy?

As an academic platform, we have gotten so much input from students across different spheres on how writing essays is difficult. It takes a lot of time and effort because it has different techniques. Research is vital to boost understanding of the topic you’re writing about; outlining and intense concentration are also needed, which might be hard for a student juggling many courses and trying to meet assignments.

However, you will discover that, as challenging as students claim it to be, essay writing has remained an integral part of the college curriculum, and here are the reasons why.

  • Students get to enhance their writing skills.
  • It helps you develop critical thinking skills and how to express yourself effectively.
  • You develop better-written communication skills.
  • It helps you build confidence in public speaking.


However, writing these essays doesn’t have to be hard. Especially if you know how to leverage the limitless advantages and access of modern electronic devices and websites. Read further to discover these positive and negative effects on paper writing.

How Technology Positively Affects Writing

Here, we discuss how tech helps students write better and improve their educational skills. Some of the positive effects are:

Outsourcing Essay Writing Assignments

Comes as one of the biggest developments in tech when it comes to writing papers. We understand that the educational sector is sometimes overwhelming, so students are swamped with more than one assignment at a time, with no clear path to getting them done. In such a situation, delegation of responsibilities is the right solution to save time and energy. With good platforms like Edusson.com, you can hire essay writers for all types of essays. These highly professional writers will ensure 100% value for your money.

On websites like this, you have an opportunity to purchase or buy college essays online at an affordable price. Whether you need college applications or homework, this is your best choice.

Better and More Refined Research

For those who would rather work on their article themselves, research is an integral process that affects the structure and quality of your article. You have to spend hours on the internet, finding information that expands and covers the topic of your essay. This is gruesome if you don’t know what to do. However, with technology and software accessibility, there are now different sites where you will find a wealth of information and resources on any subject.

Search engines like Google and Wikipedia are great, but there are also some online databases where you can use useful academic texts and articles.

Comprehensive Writing Tools

As a student, you need to do more than write. When you’re done putting your words together on paper, you have to revise them before submitting them. This is what will guarantee you a proper score. Picking out all the necessary corrections in your text might be tough without proper help. This is where e-learning technology comes in again. Now, many tools help you edit your article until it becomes perfect. They include plagiarism- and grammar checkers and digital editors. On some sites, this service is free.

Generating Titles and Themes

Usually, a professor might give you the responsibility of searching out essay titles yourself. Ages ago, this was a problem because people had to rack their brains and mentally stress themselves trying to find a good title. Nowadays, we have new and free title generators online that show you a list to choose from. Try to generate essay themes that will assist in developing your outline and crafting the best article.

How Technology Negatively Affects Writing

Now that we’ve analyzed the positive impacts of tech, we must look at the opposing angle. Although the positives are numerous, even more so than the negatives, they don’t negate the other.

Decrease in Creativity

While the availability of limitless resources and databases is useful in helping students save time and effort, this has also caused a decrease in creativity and quality. These days, it’s hard to find a pupil willing to think for themselves and develop a paper from scratch, all on their own. This kind of defeats the entire purpose of articles and essays in the first place. Now, you can get information on anything online regardless of the topic or theme you were given. All you just have to do is go online and look.


While free plagiarism checkers and other editing tools are available, there’s also a flip side. Since the internet is free and unlimited, you can copy any information you like and paste it into your work without anyone being wiser. This has caused a high increase in plagiarism, which is the indirect cause of the lack of creativity and uniqueness in the education sector today. There is also a lack of depth since no one wants to put original effort into their work anymore.


The advancement of tech has also led to the expanding popularity of social media, a topic of its own. There are now many apps on which people interact with strangers and spend their whole day distracted from their assignments and other essential duties.

Also, modern chatting involves the use of many forms of abbreviations, which sometimes is a problem when writing academic papers and articles. There have been many instances where pupils make the mistake of using abbreviations instead of the full word, which costs them lots of marks and impacts their grades.


The growth of the educational sector due to the development of science and technology is welcome, especially when it comes to papers and articles. The availability of tools, websites, and unlimited databases has simplified this skill. However, while this can assist you in writing, you should be careful not to abuse these privileges as a student.

These skills are important in your growth because they teach you much about thinking, speaking, comprehension, and other traits. So you must give yourself time to learn instead of wholly depending on the free resources available through technology.


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