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Hours spent in the virtual world take up a significant part of the day. And if so, then this cyber world must be safe, and to monitor its security various anti-virus programs have been designed.

You can arrange multi-level protection of your personal information at home by installing antivirus, a firewall, restricting remote access to your PC, and protecting your confidential information.

But how to protect your computer from viruses and other external threats that may damage your computer? Anti-virus is, obviously, the first step to protection. But all antiviruses have functional differences. Some computer users believe that it is better to install a couple of antivirus software and thus provide increased protection of information. Absolutely not! Two antiviruses will start to contradict each other which will not allow your operating system to work correctly.

For multi-level protection, you can install additional programs, such as a firewall to protect your PC from various scams and rootkits. Such programs, as a rule, never conflict with the basic antivirus, and on the contrary, co-operate, perfectly supplementing each other. And so, what kind of antivirus to choose?

Stay vigilant while building a long term relationship online and beware of scammers and catfish.

When using the Internet, you should not think that your privacy is protected. Scammers often monitor your actions and strive to get your personal information with the help of special malware – spyware. These are the oldest and most common types of threats on the Internet: such programs harm your computer, initiating various illegal actions. It is very easy to become a victim of such programs, but they can be difficult to get rid of, especially if you don’t even know that your computer is affected. But don’t despair! You just need to know what spyware is, how it penetrates your computer, how it tries to harm you, how to eliminate it, and how to prevent future scamming attacks.

Any malware (software) that outwits your antivirus will first try to make changes to the autoload registry for further presence in your system.

To control the autoload and remove suspicious items from it, we recommend you to install the well-known Anvir Task Manager program. This is a very functional and free program with a friendly and clear interface that allows you to modify the autoload only with the user’s permission.

Coming up next, let’s get down to the review of free, most popular and well-established antivirus programs.

Avira Free Antivirus

It’s the product of the German company Avira GmbH. The distinguishing feature of the program is its simplicity and quite a high degree of reliability. There is real-time monitoring, built-in scheduler, protection against rootkit-programs, recognition of almost all types of archives, low resource consumption. Unlike the paid version, there is no Web Protection module, which warns that the site you want to visit is malicious.

– Advantages: insignificant consumption of system resources.

– Downsides: no Web Protection module.

avast! Free Antivirus

Developed by the Czech company AVAST Software, this well-proven antivirus not only protects your computer but also has a powerful mechanism of self-protection. The degree of protection is high enough, but in order to preserve important data, it is recommended to keep periodic backups.

– Pros: High level of virus detection, pleasant interface.

– Cons: Frequent false alarms.

AVG Anti-Virus Free 

A product of Czech design, this antivirus is fast, simple, and understandable to use. It includes basic protection against viruses, Trojans, spyware, and other malware. Anti-rootkit and Anti-Spyware antispyware are built-in.

– Pros: Very convenient interface, high level of virus detection, careful consumption of resources, official support for Windows 8.

– The disadvantages: not found out.

Comodo Internet Security

A whole set of free programs for complete protection not only of your system but also against hacking attempts through the Internet. Three modules of balanced PC protection: Comodo Antivirus, Comodo Firewall, and Comodo Defense+ module. Comodo Antivirus and Comodo Firewall modules can be installed separately as independent programs using a single installation file.

– Benefits: User-friendly interface, high virus detection, antivirus, and firewall integration.

– Drawbacks: High resource consumption.

Microsoft Security Essentials 

Microsoft Security Essentials is a free antivirus for basic computer protection against Internet worms, Trojans, viruses, spyware, etc. It provides maximized performance, simplified settings, enhanced security, and integration with Windows Firewall.

– Pros: installed without rebooting your computer, easy to use, cures infected files.

– Cons: Relatively high resource consumption.


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