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How to determine what kind of ssd is installed on your laptop or PC

When buying a new laptop or computer, you may encounter greedy salespeople and switched facts. In particular, they may sell the device at a price with an NVMe SSD installed instead of a SATA SSD. This raises the question of how to know what type of SSD is installed on your Windows 10 laptop or computer, SATA or NVMe.

1. Disk Manager.

  1. Press Win+X and write Device Manager .
  2. Right-click on the drive and select “Properties.”
  3. In the new window, click on the “Details” tab.
  4. Under Properties, select “Hardware ID”.

You will see what type of SSD is installed on your device. In my case, it is a SATA SSD.

2. Task Manager.

  1. Press the Ctrl+Shift+Esc key combination to open the Task Manager.
  2. Go to the Performance tab and select your drive.
  3. On the top right you will see your disk model.

You can also type this model into a Google search to find out exactly whether SATA or NVMe is installed.

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