Bold And Simple Video Software That Doesn’t Let
Your Audience Miss Anything

When it comes to a bold and simple video software that doesn’t let your audience miss
anything then Netflix and Amazon Prime are surely the answers.

Both of them have a wide range of TV shows and movies along with great content for less
money. Speaking of the video and audio quality both are quite appreciable due to their A1

In this article we discuss both of the amazing video softwares that promise you an enjoyable
content provided that people from every age group will find the perfect series for them.

Netflix is an american subscription service and We all are well aware of the hype that Netflix
has had for 2-3 years. The numbers of its subscribers skyrocketed in the Covid-19 era and
has been increasing till date.

Similarly, Netflix provides ad free streaming of movies on any device and has quite big
library and collection of movies and serials.

Below we discuss some of the features of Netflix that include its cost, video and audio
quality, library size, subscribers, content and device compatibility etc.

When talking about the features of Netflix, let’s have a look at its price of subscription. The
first subscription offer is $8 where the streaming will be on one screen at a time and $9 for
streaming on 2 devices at a time.
Furthermore, the cost for streaming on 4 screens will be $12.

Library size
Netflix has a big library size and it includes different types of serials from horror to fiction and
romance etc. It features around 100000 movies and shows.

Netflix has a big amount of subscribers and it is increasing day by day due to its appreciable
content. It has around 30+ million subscribers who enjoy their great movie and tv shows
collection in any genre they like.

Netflix has a wide range of content featuring Hollywood, Bollywood and lolly wood movies.
Besides, it also has documentaries and different fun tv shows.

The Netflix originals series have been popular featuring money heists, stranger things, squid
game, sacred game, a house of secrets etc.

Such amazing content and series compel the users to watch the production and subscribe to

Device Compatibility
Netflix app is available on many platforms and devices like apple tv, ipad, phones,
computers, blu ray players etc. Similarly, it is also available on iOS and android.
Unlike the Amazon Prime, Netflix runs on chromecast devices. You can also stream the
netflix on apple tv easel without any device.

Video Downloading
Netflix did not allow the video downloading feature till december 2016 but currently it offers
video downloading feature for a limited number of videos.

Also, in the beginning only the Netflix original series were allowed to be downloaded but now
Netflix has issued a statement that it is working to provide the majority of the content
available for offline viewing.

Netflix is available in many countries like Mexico, South America, Ireland, UK, India and
Nordic countries. However, the availability of its content may vary from place to place.

Amazon Prime
Amazon Prime is a paid subscription service that is available in different countries and
allows access to a wide range of movies and tv shows.

Down below we have discussed some features of Amazon Prime that includes its cost,
library size, subscribers, content, device compatibility and availability.

The Amazon Prime offers an annual membership for $99 the offer provides you with 2 day
shipping that is unlimited and free of cost and even free shipping on specific items on the
same day. Besides, it also provides you with a free kindle book every month.

Library size
Amazon Prime has a largè library size featuring 40,000 streaming movies and tv shows.
As Amazon Prime is one of the earliest and high quality video software therefore it has a big
number of subscribers who enjoy their services anytime they want.

Amazon Prime has a great library of movies featuring 24000 movies and 2100 tv shows in
which most of the movies are old hollywood movies. But recently Amazon Prime has
contracted with franchises of other popular productions such as james bond, rocky, and the
handmaid’s tale.
However, the original content of Amazon Prime is genuine and has caught the attention of a
big audience. Amazon’s productions like the man in the high castle, jack ryan and fleabag
are noticeable.

Device Compatibility
The Amazon Prime runs on different devices like computers, internet connected tvs, blu ray
players and set top boxes. However, chromecast devices do not support Amazon Prime.
People who are looking for downloads to amazon kindle fire should register their device with because it is connected with prime membership.

Amazon Prime is available in 50 united states and also the district of columbia however it is
not available in guam, puerto rico and other u.s territories.


In the article we talked about two video softwares that gives you unlimited entertainment
which are Amazon Prime and Netflix.

Netflix and Amazon Prime both have a great number of subscribers and great quality content
that includes every geñre of movie and tv show from romance to thrill and horror.

Amazon has a library featuring 24000 movies along with 2100 tv shows while netflix has
1,00000 movies and shows. Also, they have an easy to use chrome extension through which
you can browse play list and watch your favorite content on the go.

The cost for subscription of netflix and Amazon Prime vary and the access to additional
features too.

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