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Windows 7 RSAT for Windows Server

Windows 7 RSAT

Windows 7 does not initially have Windows server management tools. This tip will tell you what to do in order to be able to manage all of the Windows Server 2008 servers from your Windows 7 desktop.

Most system administrators would agree that if you can manage Windows servers, it is much easier and more convenient to do this from your own desktop, instead of logging in via rdp to a bunch of servers. This is especially useful if you manage a wide range of servers offering different services.

By default, Windows 7 does not include the tools needed to perform administrative tasks using a desktop PC. This feature is implemented through the Remote Server Administration Client (RSAT), which is now available for Windows 7. RSAT allows centralized administration of the Windows Server infrastructure. It includes Active Directory management tools, as well as tools for managing DHCP, DNS, Hyper-V, Terminal Services, etc. You can download Windows 7 RSAT here: 

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