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What are the advantages & disadvantages of using ASP.NET?

ASP.NET, also known as Active Server Pages, was developed by Microsoft. It is a technology that helps in making the development of interactive web applications much easier, as well as developing dynamic and rich websites.

One of the really important features of this technology is that you can use both server-side and client-side scripts. So, if the developer has good knowledge about VB and C#, he/she can enjoy the advantages of this framework.

Hence, the importance of Asp dot net development company is increasing nowadays. Now, take a look at the advantages and disadvantages of using ASP.NET.

The advantages of ASP.NET

1. It reduces the time of coding

This excellent technology helps the developers by reducing the time of coding. This becomes helpful when you are trying to develop several big applications.

While working with ASP.NET, you will get various types of reviews regarding the code; those code reviews will help you to improve the quality of your codes, thereby, there is scope for writing only the right codes.

2. Allows separate input

ASP.NET works by following the MVC structure; thus, it allows separate process, output, and input of an application. This structure that is three-tier has parts that are interconnected and hence can handle the important aspects of the development of the applications.

3. Rich toolbox

This unique framework comes with a rich toolbox, which acts as a crucial building framework for that specific framework and helps the developer to develop the required applications much faster. This rich toolbox is also popular for its drag-and-drop server control feature and, of course, the automatic deployment.

4. Secured option

Security is an important feature of this framework language. If you are working with ASP.NET, then you can easily create several applications that are secure through the features like per-application configuration and the built-in Windows authentication.

5. Simple

You can perform your tasks very easily while working with ASP.NET. This makes the development process simple by using the features like automatic reference counting and garbage collection.

6. Offers flexibility

All the developers can enjoy flexibility while working with this framework because this works based on common language runtime. This framework also is language-independent, so you can easily use the language of your choice.

Hence, the works of an asp dot net development company are becoming popular nowadays.

Disadvantages of ASP.NET

1. Costly option

Compared to the other open-source options, ASP.NET is costly. This happens because you have the expenses like Visual Studio Licenses, SQL Server licenses, Windows Server licenses, etc.

2. The core is not good

Many users say that the core of ASP.NET is still very raw. The basics like Data Access cannot give you complete satisfaction. So, the users need to be careful while making the app ready for release because several codes might not work.

3. Documentation is not great

The documentation of this specific framework is not that good. Also, while building MVC PPS, you may face several issues.

4. Making changes

In many cases, changes may not work properly in the next version of this app. What is working in the current option may not work in the next, and you need the help of GitHub.

Therefore, though ASP.NET has several disadvantages, its numerous advantages make it a very popular choice for any developer. For this reason, the works of an asp dot net development company are becoming more important.



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