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PlayStation 5 Pro will be released in 2023 and will be twice faster PlayStation 5

On the night of June 12, 2020, Sony announced the gaming console of the next-generation PlayStation 5. Although the console itself did not show us, it was a weighty specific presentation. Instead, this leadership of the Japanese company for a long time told about new technological possibilities, supporting tracks of the best, and an incredible game experience, which awaits gamers worldwide. According to the last statement – this is not an empty word at all, as a slogan for the PlayStation 5 was chosen, the following phrase: “Play Has No Limits,” which can be translated as “Play without borders.” As shown by the latest history, the limitations are all there, and they are significant. Sony, for example, forgot about the critical slogan, completely blocking the residents of the Russian game store, and with it and most of the opportunities provided by gamers.

But time goes by, new rumors appear, and hope that it will not last long, will stay. Today, we study these insiders, believing us that he has known details about the so-called PlayStation 5 Pro. It should be noted that before the official start of the sale of the PlayStation 5 there were rumors about the rapid launch of a more robust and advanced version, but after a few months, they came to the conclusion that Sony decided to do so. It is possible that the main reason was that the Japanese company simply could not get a sufficient number of high-performance chips (hello, the shortage of semiconductors). So, big companies worldwide are all about improving the situation with the supply of chips. This means that for Sony, it is the best time to think about releasing the current version of the console of the current generation.

Insider believes that sales of PlayStation 5 Pro will start at the end of 2023 (or at the beginning of 2024, which is unlikely). It may be in November, which is perfectly set in the already delayed years of the scheme. It is assumed that the new set-top box will be two times faster than the current version, but in the mode of tracing, the best can offer up to 2.5 times the productivity. It turns out that this will benefit the PlayStation VR, although such an assertion seems premature. The fact that virtual reality gadgets have not been shot, there is a significant doubt that Sony will introduce this technology.

They also remember the technology of upscale, although it is unlikely that an insider knows anything about this reason. And here, in relation to the technological process used, there are curious remarks. In the second half of 2022, Apple will release new processors for its smartphones based on the 4-nm tech process, which means that in 2023 the apple company will move to 3 nanometers. It would be logical to assume that it is AMD that chooses the 4-nm tech process, which is preferable, allowing to make a big jump in production. Whatever the price, the insider believes that the PlayStation 5 Pro can cost up to $ 700. Maybe so, and it can be more expensive because in the last period of inflation in the US, it was said at world prices for semiconductor products.

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