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Dealers have reached RAM – prices for DDR5 reach 2000$+

Dealers have reached RAM – prices for DDR5 reach 2000$+

In modern market conditions, any scarce product quickly becomes the prey of intermediaries and speculators.

Most gamers are aware that not only miners, but also resellers have contributed to the creation of a shortage of graphics accelerators – some especially cunning dealers even use scripts for this, allowing them to buy video cards as quickly as possible, and other specialized software. Purchased cards are then resold at an inflated price on classified sites and forums.

Probably, a similar fate in the modern market economy awaits any sufficiently demanded scarce product – dealers are now sweeping away not only video cards, but also the recently introduced DDR5 RAM on the market: it has become extremely difficult to find it in stores, but on eBay and other similar resources you can find offers for the sale of kits for 1000-2000 dollars and even more.

Statistics show that some wealthy buyers are willing to pay even that kind of money for modules – according to Terapeak, at least 15 lots of DDR5 were sold on the platform with prices ranging from $ 1,100 to $ 2,500.

One of the main reasons for the shortage of DDR5 memory is the lack of power management circuits – in DDR4, this element was installed on the motherboard, and not on the module. At the moment, there is a serious shortage of chips and semiconductor components on the market, so in 2022 we can expect a further increase in prices for digital equipment and computer components.

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