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Intel released the first mobile CPUs with a disabled GPU, but do users need them?

There are only two models so far
Intel processors with a disabled graphics core are already familiar to us. However, earlier they were presented only in the desktop segment. Now, without much ado, Intel has added a couple of similar mobile CPUs to its range.
Core i5-9300HF and Core i7-9750HF, as is the case with desktop counterparts, do not differ from ordinary models except the disabled iGPU. The first still has four cores and operates at frequencies of 2.4-4.1 GHz, the second has six cores and operates at frequencies of 2.6-4.5 GHz.
Neither TDP indicators nor prices differ. The latter looks strange since desktop versions with disabled GPUs are cheaper than regular ones, but it should be borne in mind that the pricing of mobile processors is slightly different from desktop ones, therefore Intel prices are very conditional. Most likely, for laptop manufacturers, such CPUs will still be cheaper than full-fledged ones.
But for users, everything is not so clear. If in the case of desktop processors everything is clear – a lower price as an advantage – then with mobile everything is somewhat different. Firstly, the user doesn’t purchase the processor, but the laptop as a whole, so it won’t work out whether it really turned out to save. Secondly, a disabled integrated graphics core means that even with a minimum load on a laptop, a discrete graphics card will be active, which clearly consumes more power and warms more.

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