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Intel Rocket Lake processors will unusually distribute threads across cores

Regular readers of extreme overclocking news have already noticed that Intel Comet Lake processors allow unusual combination of ten physical cores and sixteen threads instead of the traditional “1 : 2” ratio. If we believe the leaks referred to by VideoCardz resource, this practice will find application in Rocket Lake-S processors as well.

In particular, Core i7 processors of vPRO series will combine eight cores and twelve threads, and only Core i9 models of vPRO series will retain the classical proportion formed by eight cores and sixteen threads. In the Core i5 vPRO Series, processors will combine six cores and twelve threads, but the cache size will be reduced from 16 to 12 MB. It’s interesting that in Core i3 and Pentium families Intel corporate clients will be provided with Comet Lake Refresh processors. How much this hierarchy will be relevant to the consumer sector is difficult to judge.

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