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The new Intel Core i3 is like a Core i7 a couple of generations earlier

Intel Comet Lake desktop processors are getting closer. They will probably be presented at CES 2020, although recent rumors indicate that they will only be available in April.

One of the features of the new line will be the flagship 10-core Core i9. Another is the presence of Hyper-Threading on all Core processors. In particular, Intel Core i3-10300, according to test software, will receive four cores with Hyper-Threading support and will operate at frequencies of 3.7-4.2 GHz, which is slightly less than the earlier leaks indicated. For example, the current Core i3-9300 operates at 3.7-4.3 GHz, but it does not have Hyper-Threading support. And she, as you know, in many applications provides a good performance boost.

As a result, Core i3-10300 should be at the level of Core i7-7700 or even a little more powerful, which is good news.

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