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Nvidia Chapter: “The GeForce RTX 2080 graphics card is more powerful than the next generation gaming console.”

The confrontation between fans of the PC (as a gaming platform) and consoles will probably never subside. Each side has its arguments, and quite well-grounded.

The head of Nvidia, Jensen Huang, decided to add fuel to the fire, saying during the GTC China 2019 event that even the GeForce RTX 2080 graphics card is more productive than the new generation of game consoles that have not yet entered the market. More precisely, Huang said that the RTX 2080 is more powerful than the next-generation console, without specifying which one, but the performance of the new Sony and Microsoft consoles will not differ much.

Recall the latest rumors talk about the performance of the new Xbox at 12 TFLOPS. With the RTX 2080, performance reaches 10 TFLOPS, however, the head of Nvidia probably had in mind the mobile version, whose performance is slightly lower.

Thus, it is still not very clear what Huang based his statement on. At the same time, the company, of course, also has an RTX 2080 Ti with a performance of over 13 TFLOPS, and by the time the new generation of consoles is released, Nvidia will probably have time to release Ampere video cards, which will be even more powerful.

On the other hand, these are completely meaningless comparisons, since “bare” performance in the case of consoles does not solve much. The same Sony PS4 has a very weak CPU, and the GPU roughly corresponds to the ancient Radeon HD 7870 graphics card. But at the same time, this console does an excellent job even with Red Dead Redemption 2, which only modern and fairly powerful adapters can handle on a PC.

The head of Nvidia may not know this, but since the company is not a supplier of GPUs for any of the new consoles, Huang may well allow himself such statements.

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