Samsung plans to invest $ 8 billion in flash mobs in China

Samsung Electronics plans to invest in a flash drive. A giant juggernaut investing $ 8 billion in production in the factory in Xi’an (province Xinjiang, PRC). In the meantime, the plant is specifying a 3D chip NAND, and Samsung has already cut $ 7 billion in new production lines.

My new investment in chauffeur is that the chipmaker does not have to worry about the blindness of the Chinese. Compared to the forecast, analysts have already reached the end of the NAND chip. The popularity of art, and the popularity of mobile devices with a 5G network.
A popular theme in the Chinese Polygyny is the spare parts of the factory. Created in 2016, the firm Yangtze Memory Technologies Company (YMTC) is a stunning view of the leaders and the 64-bit microscope flash drive. The next thing that a chipmaker plans to do is plaster a silicon-shaped sheet of 3D NAND up to 150 inches.

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