The Technological Impact on Online Gambling

Online gambling has become more popular in recent years. This is largely due to the advances in technology which have made it easier for gamblers to access online casinos and play games from their home. The tech innovations range from mobile devices to HTML5 technology, 5G networks, and other fundamental technologies behind the success of online gambling sites.

So, it’s safe to say that the current technological era has brought about advances in numerous fields, including online gambling.

In the past, prior to the Internet, no casino player would have believed that it was possible to play can games and withdraw their winnings without any physical contact in a land-based casino. But with the development of the first casino platforms, that has proven to be true.

Initially, poker rooms were popular and bingo games, but today, all kind of games of chance in even greater variety are available online. But what are the main tech advancements behind online gambling evolution? Here we will take a closer look at the primary tech innovations in the world of gambling.

The Internet

It’s hard to remember these days when the first video games were launched; no one could play them without downloading the software and installing it on their own computer. For example, it might take them an hour just to get to the website, and they might take even longer if they’re going to download a game to their device.

But, with increased internet penetration rates and better mobile and desktop devices, the gaming market has changed. Given that the Internet is so easily accessible, people have also become more inclined to gamble online as they are included in playing online casino games. People can play casino games with just a couple of clicks on their computer and enjoy seamless game players on their devices.

So, without the Internet, online gambling sites would not have existed. Today online casinos allow casino players from all over the world to enjoy the thrill of casino games even if they’re restricted because of location or personal preferences. What’s more, learning about a casino game of your choice is very easy.

For example, online blackjack strategy can be different from other casino strategies and simple casino games. So, it comes in handy that you can instantly learn everything you need about blackjack and its strategies online. Another major factor in the rise of casinos was the Flash Player. When the Flash Player was invented, it led to the creation of gambling sites like those that exist today.


The greatest advancement came with the Java platform. Once it is installed on a certain computer, this platform allows players to access any gambling site by connecting to the Internet. Moreover, it is considered to be one of the safest platforms, which is a ‘must’ for the online gambling industry.

Mobile Devices

The integration of mobile devices in the online gambling sector is one of the latest and most important changes that attracted even more casino players.

Nowadays, players are able to access their gambling accounts from their smartphones simply through the provider’s app or mobile version of the website. The developers also worked on mobile casino games, making it easier to play any game of your choice on the go. In any case, all gameplay, casino games, payment, security, and promotional offers, are found at any location which has an Internet connection from your mobile device.

You just need to create an account on a mobile-friendly website, and you can start playing right away. Mobile gambling options keep growing because there is the increased usage of mobile devices, and on a global scale, there are more smartphones than computers. So, this was a huge advancement in the iGaming sector which we think will result in even more mobile casino apps in the future.


All in all, you could say that tech innovations created this phenomenon of online gambling platforms worldwide. Although it did not alter the rules of the games, it offered multiple opportunities for new innovative casino games, new gambling sites, online, and betting from your smartphone, and of course, it propelled the rise of the entire iGaming sector.

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