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Vorbisfile.dll is missing when launching games, applications in Windows 10

vorbisfile.dll is an open-source Ogg Vorbis codec library that compresses audio files. For example, to reduce the size of the game GTA San Andreas and improve its performance, this codec was used to compress audio. If the vorbisfile.dll file is missing, the game will not start and will error, stating that vorbisfile.dll is missing on your computer.

How to fix the error vorbis.dll is missing in Windows 10

First of all, reinstall the program, as the vorbisfile.dll file is installed into the Windows system together with the program installer.

Method 1
Go to the official Vorbis website and download the codec to install Windows x32\x64-bit.

Method 2
If you downloaded the game or program from a torrent, you have accepted that pirated games mostly come with viruses. For this reason, the vorbisfile.dll file may get quarantined by the antivirus. Check the quarantine and restore the file if it is there. Also, add this file to antivirus exceptions so that it will not block it in the future.

It would help if you understood that in pirated games or software, the file vorbisfile.dll itself might not be because the repack creator failed to take it into account.

Method 3
You can ask your friend or another PC for the vorbisfile.dll file. For example, if your friend runs GTA San Andreas, the file vorbisfile.dll is located in the root folder with the game. Also, you can use the explorer search to find this file by name.

In other cases, vorbisfile.dll is located in the path C:\Windows\System32 and C:\Windows\SysWoW64.

If it is another game or program, you need to search for folders like Bin, Win64, Win32 and put this file in those folders.


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