How to Convert ml to cups

When you open a recipe, you will always see the list of ingredients with designations of their quantities. Talking about liquid components, they can be measured not only in common milliliters but also in cups. This mainly depends on the region with its traditions and customs.

If you need to transform ml to cups, rely on a brief guide that contains all the needed information and an explanation of these two metrics.

Measuring volume: ml and cups

Milliliters are a common scientific unit to evaluate volume. However, it is not always possible to measure something in the kitchen, when there is no special equipment around. For this reason, Americans prefer to rely on cups. This option seems quite easy to understand and utilize in everyday life.

However, there is still a small trick in the answer to the question of how many milliliters in a cup. The thing is that other regions also use this option but with their own meaning. Nowadays one can encounter at least four different cups, namely:

  • English corresponds to 284 ml;
  • European or metric is equal to 250 ml;
  • American or US ranges from 237 to 240 ml;
  • Japanese is 200 ml.

Therefore, before starting to think about the transformation of ml in a cup, one needs to explore which cup exactly was meant in the recipe. As we can see from the numbers given, the difference between the terminal options is quite significant and reaches 80 ml. This is a big amount for any recipe. Thus, one has to be sure of this number.

Check the resources of the recipe. If it was a website, its origin would help to understand the meaning or contact the author if possible. Most of the time, an American option is used, but it’s better to check this information if possible.

Easy transformation of ml to cups

After you have found out how many ml in a cup, you can proceed with the transformation of these two metrics. We should mention that the US option is the most common, especially in recipes, that is why here it is taken as an example.

For instance, you have to transform 500 ml to cups. If you take one cup as 237 ml, then the calculation can be done in one of the following ways:

  1. Divide the given number by 237. Thus, 500 / 237 = 2.1
  2. Multiply the given number by 0.0042. In this case, 500 x 0.0042 = 2.1

Altogether, there are two multipliers and one can use any of them that is easier to keep in mind. The first one is the direct amount of ml in the US cup. The second option is the result of diving 1 by 237. It gives approximately 0.0042 and this option can be also utilized for a quick one-step calculation.

If it happens that a need arises to transform metrics quickly and you do not remember the values or do not have time, then do not hesitate to rely on a modern online calculator. Such a tool keeps numerous metrics and their meanings and is suitable for any type of conversion. For example, a calculator presented here works quickly and without mistakes. The service is absolutely free for everyone, user-friendly and truly enjoyable for this kind of task.

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