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Linux driver detected mentions of Intel Lunar Lake processor family

Intel’s “e1000e” network driver for Linux operating systems has received initial support for Intel Lunar Lake processors. Lunar Lake is probably the codename for the 14th generation Core chips due to debut in 2023 or 2024.
In previous revisions of the patch, the Meteor Lake family (August 2020), as well as Tiger Lake and Comet Lake (October 2019) managed to make a mark. It looks strange, but Rocket Lake has never been mentioned in the “e1000e” program code.
Obviously, any other official information on Lunar Lake is not available. There have been rumors that Intel plans to keep the LGA1700 platform for at least three generations. So theoretically, Lunar Lake could be the last series of LGA1700 processors.
Other leaks concern integrated graphics. It is assumed that Lunar Lake will receive video core Xe Gen13. This architecture should also find application in discrete graphics processors Ponte Vecchio and Intel DG3.
Finally, Lunar Lake chips will most likely be manufactured with 7nm process technology. And compatibility with the LGA1700 platform points to DDR5 and PCIe 5.0 controllers. Although by 2023 no one will be surprised by this.

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