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User32.dll, Hal.dll, Kernel32.dll files in Windows

Let’s look at what kind of system Hal.dll, Kernel32.dll, User32.dll files are in Windows. These files are part of dynamic links that work in conjunction to complete tasks. In other words, these are the Win32 API DLLs. Files are located in the System32 directory. If you have a 64-bit Windows OS, then they can be in the SysWOW64 directory. These are system files and you should not delete, move or compress them.

What is User32.dll file?

User32.dll – Library or Functions related to user and user interface (Library or functions related to the user and user interface). This file contains the Windows API functions associated with the user interface. For example, when you minimize and maximize a window, take a screenshot on the PrintScreen button, stretch the window, etc.

What is the Hal.dll file?

Hal.dll – Hardware Abstraction Layer (Level of hardware abstraction). The Winodws system manages all the equipment connected to your PC or laptop. The fact is that Windows does not directly manage the equipment, but does it through the so-called “Layer” layer. For this reason, you may notice that when you connect some devices, nothing is displayed and there are no calls associated with this device. HAL is the level that lies between the hardware and the rest of the operating system. Hal.dll includes low hardware features that the OS can call with the DLL. This in turn enhances security. Sometimes you may encounter an error on the blue screen of death “HAL INITIALIZATION FAILED 0x0000005C”. This means that one of the devices could not start correctly.

What is the Kernel32.dll file?

Kernel32.dll – Library to connect with the central part of an operating system. On a Windows system, some libraries, such as Kernel32.dll, are loaded into memory when the PC boots. What is it for? This is necessary for managing memory based on the Win32 API, and performing input / output (I / O), creating processes and threads, as well as synchronization functions. For example, this is the end of a program, counting files in a directory, counting disk space, etc. There is one common error associated with the Kernel32.dll files, “The procedure entry point was not found in the DLL”, which I have already described.

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