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Why does my xbox controller keep disconnecting?How to fix it?

If the connection to your Xbox One controller continues to drop, you should investigate and correct accordingly. If the controller keeps disconnecting from your Xbox One, here’s all the information you need to know.

Why does my Xbox One controller keep disconnected?

If your Xbox One controller keeps shutting down, you might be asking yourself, “Why does my Xbox One controller keep shutting down? Here are a some common causes of Xbox One controller disconnection problems. Let’s take a look at them together.There are several reasons why your Xbox one controller might turn off repeatedly. According to some Xbox users, the Xbox One controller connection issue may be due to a wrong or outdated controller. firmware. In addition, if your controller’s battery is not sufficiently charged, your Xbox One controller may intermittently experience disconnection issues.How do I fix Xbox One controller disconnection multiple times? Here are some solid troubleshooting tips.

Reorganize your play space or move your console to a different location

If this problem occurs when using multiple controllers, try rearranging the play area or moving your console to a special location or room.
The controller works within 10 m of your console. However, objects placed between the controller and also the console can reduce this range. Additionally, objects that use wireless technologies (such as a cordless telephone) can interfere along with your wireless controller. Remove or relocate any wireless objects or devices which may interfere with the wireless controller or console. This might include:

  • microwave heater
  • Cordless phones
  • Wireless routers
  • Chrome plated front panels
  • Metal separators
  • Shelves
  • Entertainment center toilet doors

Turn your console on and off

Restarting can completely restart your Xbox One console, which is useful for troubleshooting problems with your console and controller. To turn the console off and on again:
1) Press and hold the Xbox button on the front of your Xbox One console for about 10 seconds to turn off the console.
2) Press the Xbox button on your console to turn it on.
3) Try your controller and see if that solves the connection issue.

Update your controller’s firmware.


Sometimes Xbox One controller connection issue occurs due to incorrect or outdated controller firmware. You need to make sure your controller firmware is up to date, and update if not. If your controller is completely unusable, you will need a different controller to perform the update.

To update your controller firmware:
1) Connect USB cable to controller and console.
2) Connect to Xbox Live on Xbox One
3) Press the Menu button on your controller.
4) Select “Settings”
5) Select “Devices and Accessories”.
6) Select the controller causing the problem.
7) Select “Update”.
8) Select “Continue”.
9) When the system shows “No update required”, it means your controller has the latest firmware. Otherwise, wait until the update is complete.
10) Test your controller and see if it returns to normal.

Reconnect the controller

Reconnecting your Xbox One controller to your console is a way to reconnect and prevent the annoying disconnect of your Xbox One controller.

With a wired controller, it’s easy because you just unplug the cable and plug it back in if the problem persists. Either try a different USB port or buy a different cable like this one.
If you have a wireless controller, follow these steps:
Press and hold the wireless button on the back of your controller next to the buttons on your shoulder until you see the Xbox button blink, then stand still.
Press and release the wireless button
Within 20 seconds, press the wireless button again; when the Xbox button switches to steady light, the connection is established.

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