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Google Stadia Game Service Expands

The Stadia controller remains a prerequisite for the operation of the service
Google has released a small but critical update for the Chromecast Ultra player, which provides support for the Stadia cloud service.

Google previously announced that the streaming service for games from the Stadia cloud could be used with any Chromecast Ultra. Already, only those devices that Stadia users purchased as part of the exclusive Founders Edition were compatible. The necessary system update is now available so that users can also play with existing devices.

Nevertheless, the Stadia controller remains a mandatory requirement for the service to work, as reported by the official Stadia service page.
After the announcement of the cloud gaming service Google Stadia, the expected excitement in the community of gamers arose, however, when he finally officially announced the launch line, disappointing game fans found only 12 games on the list. Google promised that by the end of the year, the file would be expanded.

As a result, Google changed its plan and increased the starting lineup from 12 to 22 games.

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