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How does Spotify count monthly listeners? TOP useful sites

Nowadays, just about anyone can publish their music on Spotify. Distribution is easier than ever, and getting your songs out on a major platform is just a click away. While it’s great that the barrier to entry for musicians has been lowered significantly, it can also be a lot harder to stand out in an oversaturated market and to get you amount of Spotify monthly listeners up can be quite challenging.

With this in mind, building an online presence on streaming platforms is paramount to your success. An impressive listener base with plenty of Spotify streams can help you build your fan base from the ground up and potentially attract the attention of a label or two.

Why you should buy Spotify monthly listeners

To increase your popularity on Spotify, you can buy monthly listeners and Spotify streams from a variety of providers. Monthly listeners are the listeners who have listened to your song in the last 28 days. The more listeners, the more popular your song is.

The music industry is very competitive and saturated. Growth in the music industry takes time, and it’s important to get on the trending lists. This takes time, hard work, and a large fan base. It can be difficult to grow in the music industry when you’re relatively new. Therefore, to get the boost they need, many artists resort to buying paid Spotify streams, plays, and followers. You can also buy 1 million Spotify streams on This is a trusted platform to buy Spotify streams.

We selected the best sites to buy monthly listeners on Spotify so that you know who you can trust.

The best sites to buy real monthly listeners on Spotify

  1. 🥇 FollowersOn: Best overall service, including great value, excellent customer support, and fair prices
  2. 🥈 SocialBoss: Most affordable
  3. 🥉 Fast delivery
  4. 🏅 Great packages

FollowersOn 🥇: Best provider to increase your Spotify listeners

Our favourite for buying monthly listeners on Spotify is This site is at the top of our list because this marketing company can increase your popularity on social media platforms at the speed of light.

In addition to excellent support, which is also highlighted particularly positively in many customer reviews, FollowersOn is constantly expanding its product range: for example, you can get not only more Spotify listeners, but also views, likes, and followers for your posts on platforms like Instagram and TikTok. Additionally, the website offers products for almost every other social media platform.

FollowersOn is especially characterized by fair prices with top quality and the guarantee of fast delivery speed. The team behind FollowersOn consists of experienced social media experts who know exactly what matters when it comes to the origin of your Spotify listeners.

This provider knows how important the authenticity of purchased listeners is for customer success and satisfaction. After all, everyone experiences music differently depending on personal preferences, but a boost in your number of streams and monthly listeners will certainly be a good indicator for record companies and other digital distributors to see the potential of your music.

Provider 2: 🥈 SocialBoss

SocialBoss is also on the list of websites to consider if you want to get more real fans and increase your audience on Spotify. without spending a lot of money right away. This is because SocialBoss offers some of the most competitive prices for packages when it comes to buying Spotify listeners, which makes them a great solution for bargain hunters. They make ordering an easy and great experience.

If the concept of buying more followers or unique listeners is brand new to you and you want to get an easy-to-understand offer that is very affordable at the same time, you should not miss the services of SocialBoss. This way, you can easily increase the number of streams in less than a week and get the benefits of having access to a large group of fans.

Moreover, SocialBoss focuses on discretion: the Spotify platform will not be able to trace that you bought Spotify listeners, in fact the users will look absolutely natural.

Provider 3: 🥉

BankSmm is a service provider you can safely trust with all your Spotify for artists needs. They have offers for almost all social media channels known nowadays, including Spotify. This is a great provider that will offer fans that will help you release music and increase your chances to enter algorithmic playlists.

In addition to fast delivery of listeners and streams, the website promises a hundred percent risk-free transaction process. These are all necessary must-haves if you are looking for an opportunity for more user interaction on your artist profile, but also more attention on your releases.

Based on the positive reviews by other artists left that use the services, we can conclude that BankSmm delivers what its offers promise. Customers can buy referring traffic to their Spotify profiles and boost the popularity of new releases, as well as older songs.

Provider 4: 🏅

SozialTop is another customer favorite where you can buy monthly listeners on Spotify. Additional to the products for the stream website, this provider offers a number of affordable packages for most other social media networks as well, including YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok.

If you want to get people listen to the good music you created, using this provider you are sure to get an active and real increase in listeners. Regardless of which package you buy, your link will get a quality audience. At the same time, your new music will likely get more exposure to other listeners and you may even be able to earn some royalties in the future. At least, that is the experience of other users of this provider.

Using the site is simple and, most importantly, safe: if you have any questions, you can contact the helpful customer support.

Frequently asked questions

▶️ How many monthly listeners do I have?

But how does Spotify calculate monthly listeners? Streams indicate how many times your song was played. Listeners are the number of people who have played your song.

Spotify counts a listener as a monthly listener only if they have streamed one of your songs within the last 28 days.

✅ What is the difference between monthly listeners and streams?

Many people don’t understand the difference between streams and monthly listeners. However, they are two different things and it is important to have more streams than listeners.

If you have more streams than listeners, it means that your fans are listening to your music repeatedly. So your music is popular because your fans seem to want to listen to a song more than once.

More streams than listens are good for Spotify’s algorithm because it determines that people like your music enough to listen to it more than once. The more repeats, the better it is. This increases your chances of being included in playlists like Release Radar and Discover Weekly. This increases your chances of being included in playlists like Release Radar and Discover Weekly, which are determined by Spotify’s algorithm.

🎧 How accurate is the monthly listener count in my profile?

Spotify places a lot of importance on monthly listener counts, as they are an accurate snapshot of how well an artist is doing at the moment. This statistic is also quite easy to understand.

❓ Why is the number of monthly listeners on my profile dropping?

If your monthly listener count has dropped, it could be because not enough unique accounts have listened to your tracks that month. Even if the same listeners come every day, they are only counted once for that month (28 days). There must be new listeners who discover you as an artist. Or there must be previous listeners (who already know you from before this month) coming back and rediscovering you for this number to increase again.

Additional ways to get more monthly listeners on Spotify

Utilize Spotify playlists

This is where a lot of musicians really make a capital mistake: they focus on paid playlist placements to begin with.

Actually, there’s nothing at all wrong with putting a little money in your hand to pay Spotify playlist curators or providers like Playlist Push for placements. If it works out with the placement, you have more streams and listeners for some time until the song is taken out of the playlist again. Because usually, such paid placements are limited in time.

But what is a much bigger problem is that such playlists are often very general and not tailored to a specific audience. So you have no guarantee that in case of a placement you will reach the right listeners who really like your music. For this reason, the conversion rate from new listeners to followers is also rather low with such playlists.

Send personalized notifications to your fans

The strategy is simple: send your fan base daily, weekly or monthly updates in the form of newsletters or SMS. You can also include a link to your Spotify profile and ask them to follow you. Try to keep these prompts as personal as possible so your fans feel like they are on a journey with you.

Email marketing is completely underrated by most artists. Yet email newsletters are a much more personal way than social media platforms to connect with your fans. Free email providers make it really easy to get started in the world of email marketing.

Another method that is becoming increasingly popular with artists is SMS marketing. There are providers for this just as there are for email marketing, generating a phone number for you to send and receive text messages from without your fans invading your privacy.

Statistically, mediums like email marketing and text messaging are much more effective than posting on social networks.


The music industry is a tough place. Spotify is a crucial part where artists need to succeed in order to get recognized by a larger audience and record labels that may be able to further elevate their careers.

Getting the number of your monthly listeners up is one of the best ways to boost your musical career. In order to do so, a fast and easy way is to buy real Spotify monthly listeners.

Of course, you will still have to put in the work and create great music. But by investing in your monthly listeners amount, you may kickstart the next level of your musical career.

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