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How to fix black background behind folder icons in windows 10

In windows 10, the explorer file can display the appearance of files and folders in several steps: large, normal, and small icons. When you select the type of folders, sometimes there is a problem with the display of the background of the folders themselves, a black background appears behind the folder icons in windows 10. And no matter how many times you update through the context menu, this problem does not disappear. If you have such a problem, then this article provides a couple of ways to fix the black background behind the folder icons in windows 10.

Using Disk Cleanup

The fastest way to fix the black background behind the folder icons is using the “Disk Cleanup” firmware. (See in detail if you need to clean the disk from unnecessary files).

  1. Click “Search.”
  2. Enter in the line “Disk Cleanup”.
  3. Select from the proposed, the program to clean the disk.

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Select the “C” drive in the drop-down menu and click “OK.”

After scanning the system for unnecessary files in the opened window, scroll to the bottom and select “Thumbnails” and click “OK”, then “Delete files”.

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