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Intel has problems with its first discrete Xe graphics card

Intel has problems with its first discrete Xe graphics card
She won’t be fast
Next year, Intel will launch its first discrete graphics card in many years. So far, they are all called Xe, although they have not explained to us what this means.

This generation will exist both in the form of game cards and professional accelerators and in the form of integrated GPUs. In the latter case, the first iGPU Xe carriers will be Tiger Lake mobile processors, which will also be released next year.
We still have tiny details about Xe video cards, but we have already seen certification documents that feature some 3D cards or GPU DG1. And now we have information about their speed.

A source claims that insiders from Intel are talking about not the highest performance of this very GPU DG1. More specifically, DG1 will be approximately 23% more productive than the integrated core in the Tiger Lake CPU. Probably, this refers to the most powerful version of iGPU in such processors. Also, there are problems with energy efficiency.

All this is presented as negative news, although it is difficult for us to evaluate them, given that we do not know about the positioning of the DG1, nor about its price. And the performance of the iGPU Xe is also more unknown to us. On the other hand, in the case of DG1 we are talking about a budget graphics card.

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