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Nvidia presents the GTC 2020 conference in online format

GPU Technology Conference – Simultaneously with advanced graphical processes, artificial intelligence and machine tools. The conference will take place on March 22 and 26 in San Jose, California. Nvidia does not have to wait for the failure of the GOP 2020, except for the other conferences.

Posted in the rubric of the GTC 2020 conference on March 23, 26 March in online format.
Eco rooting prospect online, or in a conference center in San Jose, quit print main priority: health and non-profit clients, publishers and publishers.
Founder and CEO Nvidia Jensen Huang put together a basic report, no budget, toilet to premiere. Let’s work on the organization of broadcast and forward-looking information “, – said the press service of the chipsmaker.
If you want to buy a GTC 2020 ticket, the company will pay for your purchase. Programmer Nvidia Developed by Specialists Firm, Translate into Technical Reporting, GTC 2020 company plans to publish the site.
For non-profit information, GPU Technology Conference 2020 will include a presentation of graphics processors on architecture Nvidia Ampere. See, in the framework of GTC 2020 compilation announcements of GPUs with a record CUDA, translate into an unobtrusive database in Geekbench.

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