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Rumor: the video core of Intel Arrow Lake-P processors has up to 320 EU units

In 2023, Intel will release its 14th Gen Core processors, codenamed Meteor Lake. Their main feature will be a multi-chip design: a crystal with x86 cores, a separate graphics module, and a SOC-LP logic chip soldered on one substrate. The Meteor Lake chips will be replaced by the Arrow Lake family, which is already beginning to leak onto the Web.

According to unofficial sources, Arrow Lake mobile CPUs will offer six “large” Lion Cove cores and eight “small” Skymont cores, as well as a graphics module for 320 execution units (Execution Units, EU). For comparison, the upcoming Alder Lake chips will receive a maximum of 96 EU. In the case of Meteor Lake processors, their number will range from 96 to 192 units, and for discrete Intel DG2 video adapters – up to 512 EU.

The 15th Generation Core (Meteor Lake) processors will use Intel 4 technology standards and should be released towards the end of 2023.

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