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Seagate shipped 20 terabyte thermomagnetic hard drives

The other day Seagate announced its success in the commercial release of hard drives with thermomagnetic recording technology (HAMR). The vendor began shipping such HDDs with a capacity of 20 TB back in November last year. At the same time the company began trial shipments of drives equipped with two blocks of magnetic heads. Recall, a sample of the Seagate Exos hard drive with MACH.2 Multi-Actuator technology was introduced back in 2018.

Demand for high-performance hard drives from data centers is growing, so it’s critical for HDD manufacturers to offer energy-efficient, high-capacity drives. Last summer, Seagate began shipping its 18TB hard drives with nine platters.

Unfortunately, it’s not yet known when the new HDDs will arrive on the mass market – or if they will arrive at all, as they are currently only available to enterprise customers. “We reached a new technology milestone by shipping 20TB HAMR drives in 2020, paving the way for Seagate’s continued success for years to come,” said Dave Mosley, Seagate CEO.


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