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Sony has simplified the cooling system in the new revision of the PlayStation 5

Not so long ago, Sony began supplying an updated PlayStation 5 console. From the point of view of technical characteristics, the new product is no different from the previously released device, but at the same time, it is lighter by about 300 grams. Unfortunately, the Japanese giant itself is in no hurry to reveal what caused the difference in the weight of the consoles. The American video blogger Austin Evans decided to find out, having got hold of a new version of the PlayStation 5 Digital Edition.

Austin first weighed the old and the new console. The original PlayStation 5 Digital Edition (model number CFI-1015B) weighs 3828 g, while the new CFI-1100B version weighs 3542 g. Further “opening” showed that the difference in weight is due to the new design of the radiator. It still uses six heat pipes, but at the same time, is content with a smaller area of ​​aluminum plates.

Another significant difference between the old and new PlayStation 5 is the fan. The Delta 23-blade centrifugal “spinner” was replaced by a 17-blade one from the same manufacturer. As a result, the updated PlayStation 5 Digital Edition emits less noise (42.1 dBA versus 43.5 dBA), although the exhaust temperature has increased by about 3-5 ° C. Among other things, there are fewer Wi-Fi antennas in the new model.

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