Western Digital unveiled an NVMe-saving WD Blue SN550

Western Digital has a wide range of SSD straight-line NVMe-based storage devices with the WD Blue SN550, which translates into 250 GB, 500 GB and 1GB of the model. Installed in the M.2 2280 format, use a controller with the American unit and a 96-hinged chipset 3D NAND TLC. The role of the interface switches to the periphery of the PCI Express 3.0.

The 5-year warranty turns into a guarantor, and it is easy to translate it into over 600s. The maximum scan rate is 2400 MB / s, posts – from 950 to 1950 MB / s in factory failure SSD. WD Blue SN550 with features and tens of stockers. The post has just started.

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