What makes a recruitment app to be a rewarding startup? 

The recruitment industry has experienced some essential changes due to the expansion of technologies. The pandemic restrictions just fastened the implementation of new trends: the necessity to keep social distance tangibly contributed to the demand for specialized apps. Are your acquaintances still posting their resumes on the boards or somewhere else? We bet most of them switched to using applications that are honed for professional networking and searching for jobs in accordance with their skills and experience. 

Yes, the employee experience became the most important marker for recruiters, and that trend shapes the future of the industry. Nowadays, companies receive about 35% of applications via career platforms or applications. And if you feel engaged in the theme, explore the expert information devoted to recruitment app development. The Purrweb team will guide you toward the purpose of tailoring the product recognized by the target public. 

What distincts a recruitment app from similar mobile solutions? 

History has buried those times when people were searching for a new job by reading advertisements in the newspapers or on the street announcements boards. Later they switched to websites on the internet. And at the moment, the most sought-after way to get a job is to use the recruitment app. Specifically tailored for companies and applicants, such application connects people to equip them with opportunities to find exactly what they are searching for. 

Let’s get under the skin of the question, and explore which solutions are at the top of the industry and what precious things you can adopt from them. 


We can’t escape mentioning the platform that conquered about 46% of the recruitment market in the US. Being in the HR industry for more than 60 years, the constituent of the service managed to build a solution that fruitfully works as a professional social network. It applies the freemium model for employees, but employers who want more attention to their adds have to pay. In May 2022 the app registered more than 665 million unique global visitors, and the audience is steadily growing. 

LinkedIn Recruiter

Another professional networking space is known as LinkedIn gathered more than 190 million users in the USA, 87 million in India.

Launched 20 years ago, LinkedIn turned into a favorite tool for millions of job seekers who post there their CVs, and employers or recruiters who publish their job ads and search for appropriate applicants. In 2022, LinkedIn’s annual revenue reached more than 13.8 billion. In 2016 the company was acquired by Microsoft. The monetization scheme is simple: paid access to participants’ information. B2B marketers also are ready to pay for the opportunities the platform offers. 

This recruitment app has tariff plans for job seekers and the HR departments of the companies.


This recruitment app is honed to collect job seekers’ CVs from various sources and provide an enormous choice for HR managers. The app’s functionality includes messenger (for direct communication between applicants and companies’ representatives), sending cover letters, asking and checking control answers, and other tools. The service charges flexible payment depending on the company’s activity and additional conveniences. 


This recruitment app stands out from competitors thanks to the Tinder-like design of the interface. The mechanics of making a choice is the same: you can swipe right or left on the professional applicants’ profiles. When there’s a coincidence between the company’s choice and the job seeker’s, they can message each other and make an appointment for further learning details. 


Workable is a fully functional “digital office ” for  HR managers: it equips employers with opportunities to publish jobs on various social media, analyze results, get emails, plan online job interviews using a calendar, and even sign contracts. The businesses have to pay for access to the recruitment app from $129 for the basic tariff plan.


The app created for hiring and job seeking in China won recognition as the most sought-after platform in the industry. It registered 9.3 million active users in June 2022. It offers a full cycle of HR services: job seekers assessment, job seeker training, online interview, recruitment, and headhunting. Last year its profit increased by 35%. 

Benefits for employers and employees

When we’re talking about how a recruitment app contributes to business and employees, we should focus on the obvious and non-obvious benefits it offers to both sides. 

  • Extremely wide field of choice for professional interests: millions of resumes, thousands of vacancies. 
  • Convenient tools for selecting appropriate ones: various industries, specializations, filters: skills, experience, location, etc. 
  • Additional tools for education, training, and assessment of candidates.
  • Comfortable messaging functionality: fast connection paired with additional tools. 
  • Data management: Various experts can get access and juggle the data. For example, make an appointment for a job interview or online test.

Features to implement in the service

Take into account that there are two sides of the app with opposite interests, and planning the product, don’t neglect any of them. 

The side addressed to the job seeker usually includes:

Registration page: email, mobile phone, or social media account can serve for fast and effortless login in the app. 

Create/ edit a profile:  job seekers are enabled to demonstrate their expertise and experience in a readable format.

Add CVs: applicants are empowered to attach CV letters specifically for vacancies they are interested in. 

Job alerts: when vacancies matching their skills appear, candidates should be informed. 

Job search:  job seekers use a filtering bar for selecting job offers by location, salary, specific business niche, etc. 

Favorites: the job seeker can be interested to have more time in order to prepare for applying for the job position, so it shouldn’t be lost. 

The side addressed to the recruiter includes:

Registration: this is an irreplaceable function for getting access to the internal tools.

Upload jobs: editing tools for job offers publishing with a detailed description.

Resume filter: the recruiter is armed to select candidates by specialization, location, education, achievements, and work experience.

Job invitation: the recruiters can send job applications to matching candidates.

Download CVs: this feature empowers hr-specialists to share necessary data with teammates 

and the CEO. 

Five steps towards a recruitment app approved by users

  1. Make marketing research in order to specify the features that are in demand among your potential users. 
  2. Find a professional contractor for preliminary project estimation in terms of time and budget. 
  3. Build a UI UX design of the product in collaboration with the professional team. 
  4. Test it with real users, and if everything goes according to plan, ask developers to transform the prototype into a fully functional product. 
  5. Launch it, but don’t forget about the necessity of testing and maintenance. Polish the product, leaning on the reviews from the first real users. 

Why is recruitment app development a good idea in 2023?

People trust people if they can get enough information about each other. Experience, mission, former co-workers’ reviews, reputation score, and other attributes equip users with the tools for adequate decisions. At the same time, companies can estimate users’ knowledge and skills, personal characteristics and interests, professional expectations, and other parameters in order to see if there is a match. About 58% of respondents regard professional social networks as a reliable way for hiring. 

The number of average daily recruiting app users demonstrates a significant annual growth.  The survey indicates that more users access recruiting platforms through apps. This fact says that the idea of creating a new recruitment app is a trendy field. The global mobile recruitment market is expected to reach more than $43 billion in 2027. 

Since seeking a job or hiring a specialist is convenient, reliable and effective when participants use the specifically tailored for this aim app, the industry is expected to grow its influence and profitability, respectively.

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