Top Software For Management Consultants

Management consultants play a vital role in the success of businesses, and having the right software can help ensure that projects are run smoothly and efficiently. As the industry continues to grow, there are more and more software solutions available to make consulting projects easier to manage. Examples of top tools that should be a part of every consultant’s tech stack include,  Zoho, Accelo, Workfront etc. 

These solutions can help consultants organize and prioritize tasks, collaborate with teams, and manage projects from start to finish. Additionally, each solution has its own unique features that can help consultants save time, stay on budget, and effectively manage their projects. Find out more in the article


Zoho CRM provides a unified platform for email, phone, website forms and live chat so that  you can more easily communicate with customers, parse data and solve customer issues from one place.

The software is available in multiple plans, starting with a free version that allows up to three users. There are also paid plans that offer more perks than the free version, such as workflow rules and standard reports.

The Professional plan ($20 per user, per month) unlocks more features, such as mass email scheduling and customer support. It also includes AI-powered features that predict sales trends and help you measure your sales activity.


The platform is built to automate tasks, improve visibility and increase profits for professional service businesses. Featuring project management software, time tracking, invoicing and more, it helps users run their business operations with intelligent workflows that make sense for their company.

It also integrates with popular accounting products to automatically connect team work to business finances. This removes unnecessary administrative processes and ensures clients receive the best possible experience with your business.

Accelo is a business software that lets you track and share client appointments, emails, notes, attachments and custom fields with your team members. The system also allows you to synchronize with other cloud-based apps like Office365, Google Apps and Exchange.

Seppi Technology Associates 

sepStream® is a cutting-edge medical imaging and informatics company that specializes in delivering advanced solutions for the healthcare industry. With a focus on improving patient care, the company aims to revolutionize the way medical professionals interact with, store, and transmit vital medical imaging data. Through the integration of innovative technology and a team of experts in the field, is dedicated to addressing the complex needs of the modern medical environment.


Workfront is a cloud-based project management software that offers multiple collaboration tools. It also includes features for reporting and analysis, which can help a business maximize its efficiency.

Users can track time, budgets, and ROI to get key insights about their productivity. The system also includes automated approvals that send feedback to the right stakeholders.

This software is a great tool for management consultants looking to streamline their workflows. It can also save a lot of time when it comes to creating proposals. Moreover, it’s easy to integrate with other programs, which can improve team productivity.

Practice Ignition

Practice Ignition is an online proposal and invoicing tool that helps accountants, bookkeepers and management consultants onboard new clients. It also helps them get paid faster.

Craft powerful proposals in minutes using pre-made templates and add client details, options, services, and fees. Once accepted, Ignition automatically deploys work items and creates invoices that can be paid instantly.

Ignition also integrates with Xero, QuickBooks Online and Quickbooks HQ to streamline the onboarding process. It’s a radically new way for CPA firms, accountants and bookkeepers to manage their growing client base.


Creating proposals is one of the most time-consuming aspects of running a consulting business. Using an app to automate your proposal process can save you a lot of time and energy.

It also lets you know how your clients are interacting with your documents, which helps you identify potential areas for improvement.

Proposify is a cloud-based software that streamlines the proposal development process by addressing the usual issues that arise during the writing and sending of proposals. It aims to put your sales team on a straight path to success.


Pandadoc is a software for management consultants that streamlines the process of creating and sending proposals, contracts, invoices, and more. It also features e-signing capabilities and helps you manage customer relationships.

The platform is cloud-based and HIPAA compliant. It also has a number of security features, including automated audit trails and a signer certificate of authenticity.

It’s also easy to use and works well on mobile devices. Its interface uses arrows to help you navigate through the document, and it can show you where you’re missing fields before you fill them in.


Bidsketch is a cloud-based software that makes it easy for management consultants to create proposals online. It also offers smart analytics and notification tools so that you can know when your clients view your proposals, and remind you to follow up with them.

This online-based proposal platform is compliant with U.S. and international electronic signature laws, making it ideal for legally binding contracts. It also offers templates for upselling features and optional fees, and allows clients to sign online or download documents for printing.

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