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A Beginner’s Guide to Cloud Business Solutions

If you are not so IT savvy and have heard the term ‘cloud’ used when referring to IT, you have come to the right place, as in this article, we explain the basics of cloud-based computing.

Why is it called the cloud?

Clouds float in the sky and this is a good analogy of how data can be stored on remote servers; A corporation, for example, would have terabytes of data and they certainly wouldn’t store it on office PC hard drives. They use a secure online network that connects to dedicated servers that are located in the provider’s facility, where their data is stored. Access is obviously limited to specific stakeholders, employees and management, with every party having a username and password that they use to access the data.

Power back up

Of course, you need a power backup, and you might be wondering what UPS is certified for NDIS use in Australia? Search the web for the best UPS supplier and ask them for a quote. UPS systems automatically recharges, allowing you about one hour before a recharge is required.

For beginners exploring cloud business solutions, it is essential to understand the role of environmental health and safety solutions in modern organizations. To learn more about how safety solutions can benefit your business, visit this resource on environmental health and safety.

Global data access

One of the biggest benefits of cloud data storage is you can access from anywhere on the planet, all you need is a digital device and an Internet connection. Imagine you are in the car on the way to the airport to attend an important business meeting and you suddenly remember you need that report; you can download it onto your laptop and you are good to go. You could be on the other side of the planet presenting at a London conference and you need to download a few graphs, which is no problem.

Limited access

As the administrator, you decide who is allowed access to what; accounting can access the data they need, while the sales team needs customer service history. You can limit access very easily by protecting folders and files, ensuring that employees only access the data they need. Here are a few tech gadgets that every student needs.


Of course, you want the best cyber-security protection to prevent hackers from stealing your data, which is part of the cloud provider’s service. You can rest assured that your data is secure when you have round-the-clock monitoring by experts and should someone try to access the network, they can be traced. There is something called ‘penetrative testing’, which is when ethical hackers try their best to breach a network’s defences, and should they manage to do so, the loophole can be closed.

Real-time updates

With real-time updates, all stakeholders are on the same page, which is vital when things are always changing; when you access a file, you know you are looking at the latest version, thanks to real-time updating.

To summarise, cloud computing offers many benefits for every organisation and with additional cyber-security, your data is always safe.

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