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Biostar and ASRock announced support for 11th generation Intel Core chips on current LGA1200 boards

Biostar company decided not to wait for the official announcement of the Intel Core 11 processors, and has already announced that motherboards on the Z490 chipset support new CPUs. The vendor even prepared a special promotional banner that was published in social networks. Z490 GTA, Z490 GTA EVO, Z490 GTN, Z490A-Silver and Z490T-Silver models pose on it.

At the same time ASRock mentions the support of the Intel Core 11-th generation chips in the description of some boards with H470, W480 and Z490 chipsets. Of course, before you install the new CPU you will need to update UEFI firmware to the latest version.

The official unveiling of Intel Core 11-series processors for desktop PC will be held on January 11 at CES 2021. The range of CPUs will be presented not only by Rocket Lake-S chips, based on Cypress Cove microarchitecture, but also by Comet Lake-S Refresh. The latter, roughly speaking, are slightly overclocked solutions Core 10th generation and will enter the Core i3, Pentium and Celeron lines.

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