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China’s largest server vendor left without Intel processors

In the context of the trade war between the United States and China, the U.S. government is making every effort to ensure that technologies of American origin do not fall into the hands of organizations that could harm national interests and security. The biggest blow was to Huawei, but other Chinese firms also suffered. In particular, Inspur is the third largest server manufacturer in the world and the largest in the Celestial Empire. Since recently, it has been denied access to Intel processors.

At the end of last month Inspur Group appeared in the list of companies which are directly or indirectly connected with Chinese military departments. This entailed a number of export restrictions, including a ban on supplying Intel CPUs. For Inspur it turned out to be a serious blow, because practical all its products are based on “blue” processors. On the other hand, Intel hopes to restore deliveries in just two weeks, having received all necessary permissions.

“We have temporarily suspended deliveries to one customer to ensure compliance with U.S. government export regulations. This is a temporary pause, which is expected to last less than two weeks for some products, while others will resume in a few days. We will resume shipments as soon as we are able to do so while still complying with U.S. law,” Intel said.

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