How to Fix Asus Zephyrus M16 Overheating Problem

We have been using the computer for about a week. The specs of the computer are excellent. However, we ran into overheating issues. After some research on the internet, we saw that different users had the same problem. Although this laptop has a heating problem, we could not find a clear solution on the internet. Since the laptop is overheating, its battery runs out very quickly. In this article, we will tell you how to fix the Asus Zephyrus M16 overheating problem and how to extend the battery charge storage time.

The computer is running at 60 – 65 degrees at idle and that’s a lot.

Within a week of using the laptop, we saw that the laptop was not well optimized. The laptop we use has an Intel i7 11th 11800H processor. The computer has an RTX 3070 as a graphics card. Unfortunately, a powerful laptop is not well optimized by asus company and the computer gets very hot. During the warm-up time, the keyboard and the area around the keyboard get hot to the touch. We couldn’t have a good gaming experience as our fingers overheated. How to solve Intel i7 11800H processor overheating problem?

Why is the Asus Zephyrus M16 computer getting so hot?

When we used the Asus Zephyrus M16 computer, we observed that the computer’s processor was overworked. When only a Google Chrome tab is open, it can run at 3.6 – 3.8 GHz to no avail. It’s ridiculous that it runs at such high speed with only one Google Chrome tab open. From here we understand that the computer cannot adjust the processor speed itself. The main way to solve this problem is to adjust the speed of the computer’s processor.

So how can we reduce the processor speed of the computer?

When you use the computer for normal work, you should reduce the processor speed and turn off the game video card of the computer. When the processor is running at low power, it generates less heat and prevents the battery from draining quickly. In addition, when we turn off the RTX 3070 video card, we prevent additional power consumption and heating.

STEP 1. How to turn off the gaming video card of the computer?

It is important to turn off the game graphics card, because the game graphics card works when the computer is idle, which generates additional heat and affects battery power. In Asus Zephyrus M16 computers, it is very easy to turn off the additional graphics card with the Armory Crate program developed by Asus company. When I activate the ECO mode with this program, the computer turns off the second video card. If you don’t have Armory Crate program on your computer, you can find the download guide here.

But remember, you should turn off Eco mode while playing games on the computer or working with a program that needs an additional graphics card.

STEP 2. How can we control the processor speed of the computer?

It is possible to control the power falling on the computer’s processor from the Power settings section of each computer. In the Processor Power Management section, we can set the minimum and maximum power of the processor. You should check this place first. If Processor Power Management is not visible on your computer, we recommend you to read this article. Here, by default, Minimum processor state should be 5%. Maximum Processor state should be 100%. However, when we use the computer for work, we will make the Maximum Processor state part 60%. When we do 60%, the computer’s processor will run at approximately 1.3GHz. Since it is fixed at 1.3GHz, the computer will run without getting too hot.

In this section, you should set 60% for both plugged in and unplugged time. When you do 60%, you should check the speed of the processor from the Task Manager. If the processor speed is above 1.3GHz, you can reduce the 60% rate a little bit. You can 50%. There are many power balances in the power management part, such as Silent Mode, High Performance Mode, Power Saver Mode. We recommend making these settings in Silent Mode on this computer.

Sometimes you will need the processor speed while playing games on the computer. You may want to switch to Turbo mode with the Armory Crate program. When you switch to turbo mode, the power balance of your computer changes. When you put the computer in Turbo mode, it goes into extreme Performance mode. The above applications are disabled and the processor starts working at high performance again. When you switch to Silent mode from the Armory Crate program again, the processor limits you set will return. For this, it is important to make these settings in Silent mode.

After doing these steps, the problem will be solved.

After making these adjustments, you can see the computer’s heat data below. Now the computer runs quieter and cooler. Battery storage time used to be 2 hours, now 6 hours.

After making these adjustments, your computer’s overheating problem will disappear. It works at lower temperatures. Keeps charge longer. Now when you want extreme performance from the computer, you have to switch from Armory Crate to Turbo mode and turn off Eco mode. Switching to Silent mode and turning on Eco mode if you want to use your computer for work and don’t want it to get hot.

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