Intel will copy AMD processor development approach.

As it became known, Intel chief engineer Murti Renduchintala just the other day said that the company found the perfect method that could return it to the status of the leader in the microprocessor race.
So, if a manufacturer ceases to develop I / O systems exclusively for each new generation of cores each time, then Intel will be able to save a huge amount of not only money but also useful man-hours, not to mention accelerating the entry of processors to the market. For example, if you translate all these considerations into a monetary plane, then in 2018 the company could save more than $ 15 billion, which is just spent on creating new input-output systems. And already in 2020, the company intends to get rid of this expense item.

According to Intel, it was this approach that at one time allowed AMD to get ahead, and therefore the “blue” intend to adopt the successful experience of a competitor.



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