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Intel CEO to Speak About Manufacturing Innovation at Intel Accelerated Webcast

The Intel Accelerated event will take place in two weeks, where senior company officials will talk about innovations in semiconductor manufacturing and the IDM 2.0 strategy. Recall that within its framework, the chip maker intends to expand the network of factories, outsource some products and engage in contract manufacturing of chips.

“Intel is accelerating its annual pace of innovation with new advances in semiconductor manufacturing and packaging as part of its IDM 2.0 strategy.

Join the webcast with CEO Pat Gelsinger and Dr. Ann Kelleher, Senior Vice President and General Manager of Technology Development, detailing Intel’s plans for processes and packaging. ” – says the description of the event.

It will be possible to follow the Intel Accelerated presentation on the official website of the chip maker. Intel is expected to release fresh details on 10nm and 7nm products such as Alder Lake and Meteor Lake consumer CPUs. The event starts on July 27 at 0:00 Kiev time.

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